To do list!

☑ “Request” on dA by non-personal friend of her OC (As of 3:53pm)

☑  Draw something realistic and not anime art (As of 4:30pm) (Woosh! Drew our dog truff! :))

☑ Pucca x Garu in anime! (As of 6:30pm) (Drew something about Avril Lavigne’s Innocence, and a guy in his uniform in between Truff and Pucca first) (Never actually thought that I’d get back into drawing again! *Q*)

☐ Watch movie saved in usb

☐ Read manga recommended by a friend

☑ Read and finish ChainMail (As of May 21 8:30am) (Drank coffee in order to finish it. I slept at 2:30am and woke up at 5:30am just to read. I’m a slow reader, I know that.)

☐ Play Doppelganger xD

☐ Watch anime my friends ask me to watch (Angel Beats, Ano Hana,  Spice?, etc)

☐ If I have more time, watch K-drama/ Taiwanese Drama (Meteor Garden yo!, Missing you, TTBY, etc!) So many things I’m missing in life!>:(  :))

☐ Tamagotchi cheats!

Must drink coffee!!


Lack of sleep?

I’ll make this short:

Last April 10th (Wednesday), I did a lot of weird and embarrassing stuff:

Woke up at 3:30 in the morning and started working on my Fildlar Term Paper which was to be submitted the following day and worked on it until 9am with a bit of surfing the net of course.

  • During breakfast: After ate has finished cooking for our breakfast, I immediately checked what she cooked since I was feeling famished. I was glad to see one of my favorites- chicken nuggets with cheese filling! So I ate two of them. It tasted weird but I just thought that ate doesn’t really know how to cook them properly so I kept on munching. When it was lunchtime, nobody from my siblings had their breakfast, so the nuggets were added for our lunch. I was the first to eat lunch, and since cheese-filled-nuggets were my fave, I ate 3 or 4 of them again. Not minding how different it tasted…

When our youngest sister ate one, she immediately barfed. And ranted how awful the nuggets tasted like. Turns out, it was already rotten! Why did anyone inform me that it was stuck in our freezer for almost 4 months already? Like what the! Even ate didn’t inform me. So that’s why she didn’t ate anything at all during breakfast time. >:O

  • While riding the LRT: In J. Ruiz Station. I was seated while I reviewed a little for my POLISCI finals but then I fell asleep since I slept at 1:30am then woke up at 3:30 am. I couldn’t remember exactly but I was sure that I was having a lucid dream. Something in my dream made me surprise and clapped my hand. In reality instead of clapping my hand, I accidentally threw my handouts I was holding into the air! Towards the guy seated on my left. He tried to catch it with both of his hands but I’ve managed to catch it with my left hand before he did. Everyone was still and quiet at that time, so everyone turned their heads toward me and locked their eyes on me, too. I was so embarrassed that I covered my face with my handouts and pretended to get back to sleep. But I couldn’t.
  • When I was waiting for a friend outside the Dean’s office: The two of us agreed to wait there because we have to fix our schedules for our final exam since there’s a conflict in our subjects: OBLICON and FMMACRO so we had to get it fixed in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). I didn’t know how long it was going to take her to get on our designated meeting place. I didn’t have load at that time so I couldn’t text her… So anyways, while I was taking a stroll on the hallways, I saw “her” seated outside the SDRC Office with a friend. Well, at least I thought she was her. I was already smiling intently when I was on my way to approach the two of them. On the way, I thought for a second why she brought a friend when it was our issue in the first place. Oh well. I shrugged that thought off, and stood infront of the two of them. They were busy reading their green forms that they only noticed my presence after 5 seconds have passed. When they turned their heads to meet me, I waved my hand in a big, circular motion while smiling stupidly.

While they were like: … O_O OoO Do I know you?

I realized that it wasn’t her! Embarrassed, I said that I was sorry and turned around, and went straight back outside the Dean’s office while laughing- at myself. Some of the students along the way were staring at me- why I was laughing alone. :))

Oh wellz!


Me. When I only have 2 hours of sleep :))



It’s 2:40 in the afternoon right now. Time to take a bath, and buy me self a new phone~ ♡

Then grocery time with siblings.

♡, Ria. :))

Repost: Liar Game!



<3 i love it when the two of them tries to outwit the other
<3 i love it when the two of them tries to outwit the other


This is just a repost from my Tumblr blog since I suddenly miss reading Liar Game. Huhu. I started reading it this term. And every weekend, I would read a volume of it. I can’t remember when I stopped reading. :O But I do remember why. I stopped at Vol 14 since the chapters in Vol 15 was still not yet complete back then. I didn’t want to read by chapters so I stopped there. I didn’t check any updates after that. Also, it’s because lately, I’ve been bombarded with loads of  academic works to do. While everyone else’s having their summer vacay right now, I still have three more weeks until the last day of our finals. Fast forward to Apr 19, please! D:

Anyways, here’s the repost: (Got carried away with ranting about school lol)

The last 2 days, I’ve been reading volumes 5, and 6 of Liar Game. I’m pretty much hooked up with it. Of course, I got “acquainted” with this series over a year ago, when my brother was watching it in his laptop. I think he told me to watch it at that time. So, I tried it and I immediately loved it. Unfortunately, I was only until episode 4 when my brother reformatted his laptop. So, I watched it on Youtube instead. However, the uploads were only until episode 10, which is in Volume 4 in the manga, so that hindered me from watching the whole series. So instead of watching, I decided to just read the manga in as it is more complete than the series. Right now, I’m in volume 7, chapter 61. And I might stop with the said chapter for now because I still need to take a bath because my siblings and I are going to SM Cubao to buy a new water dispenser and also buy groceries in Rustan’s for the span of seven days.

That’s all for now!


Deadlines, deadlines everywhere.

Since this term’s about to end, a mountain of deadlines has been set by my professors. These are:

March 26- KASPIL2 Term Paper, FMMACRO Quiz 3, FILDLAR Quiz and submission of related literatures

April 1- FMMICRO Homework, PERSEF Reaction Paper, FMMACRO Term Paper

April 3- FMMICRO Survey, FMMICRO Quiz 3

April 5- OBLICON alternative class

April 8- FMMACRO Group Report

April 10- POLISCI Finals

April 13- POLISCI Video Presentation

And other requirements in which deadlines haven’t been set yet + the upcoming finals from 13th to 19th.


February 2013 Wrap-Up!

This month was really good to me. Though there were some downs that I can recall, I’m certain that there were more ups that happened in this month, tho. This month has been memorable and… good thing I’ve got a planner-turned-diary in which I write accounts and highlights hat happened for each day. Anyways, February was just a month full of smiles, laughter, and kilig( which I’d be keeping to myself), and some turn of events which I wasn’t expecting nor planning that I’d actually experience, and live out of my comfort zone, and try something new (which I’d also keep to myself. It isn’t love-related). I’ve been battling with myself recently yet I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to somewhat conquer and take over my fears.

Ironically, we all know how February is the month of love, right? However, this was the time when I had my heart broken (but not completely. I wasn’t totally inlove. It was only a happy crush). I found out that the boy I like has a girlfriend and I’ve witnessed it under the worst-case scenario: As I was climbing up the staircase, on my way to our classroom in the second floor, I saw him and his girl “PDAing(the guy was wrapping his arms around the girl)” at the center of the staircase. I was also with my friend at that time but she wasn’t aware that I have a crush on that guy( which is also one of my classmates for that particular class I was going to attend to) because if I told her, I wouldn’t act normal, and I’d be all conscious and shy, and avoid him as much as possible, and hence, it would be too obvious so I tend to keep my feelings to myself. I’ll just tell her when the term’s about to end so I wouldn’t have a problem dealing with him. Anyways, I compelled to compose myself and pretended that I didn’t see a thing and just walked by past them.

After we got inside the classroom, my friend and I went to Mcdo before the class started and I told her what I saw when we were waiting for the food she ordered. She kept on asking me who so I then told her during the class and drew a doodle of our seating arrangement. He’s seated a row behind us and three chairs away from my left. So I can see him in my periphery every class and I try to avoid seeing him since it’s really awkward up to the point that I’d hide my face with my friend’s face on my left when I’m talking to her. And sometimes, I limit myself into talking with her as to avoid seeing him in my periphery. Every time he’s there, I couldn’t bring myself to act normal. I didn’t know how my feelings towards him started to change even though we’ve been classmates since first term (May 2012- Sept 2012) when I was taking up Financial Mathematics 1. But I’ve only noticed his presence when it was already halfway through the first term as I was seated infront while he was at the back row. As you can see, we have the same course and I’ll be classmates with him until I graduate! Huhu!

Anyways, as soon as I handed my doodle to my friend, she immediately turned her head  to the back and it was too obvious that the two of us were talking about him!

Kill me now!

I swear I was ready to strangle my friend at that time but I tried to remain calm and composed because if I did the former, it would even be more obvious. I wish I haven’t told her. Ohgosh.

When she turned her head to meet me, she told me that she couldn’t find out who he was. Thank goodness! I won’t even tell her the details no more even if she whines.

I decided to drop the topic. And remained silent for the rest of the remaining time.

At that time, the atmosphere suddenly felt uneasy and awkward. I could still see him in my periphery no matter how much I try to avoid. It couldn’t be helped. Every time I copy notes from the board, I could see him.

I guess he, too, noticed that I was acting weird. He went on to go outside twice.

I didn’t know what to think at that time. I knew he has a girlfriend so I must not “like” him anymore. That it’s prohibited to even have a crush on someone who has a lover.

The following day, thank goodness everything (well mostly if not all) went back to normal. I started talking with my friend again even though I could still see him on my peripheral view.

The heck with liking him! (Haha galit?)

But I guess, in his perception, I’m just that awkward girl with the glasses.

Anyways, I’m glad that my friend didn’t know who I was talking about or things might end up like this:


The problem is, when I try to think about it, I’ve never had any guy friends before so I think this feeling is just normal right? I mean I constantly feel shy whenever a guy talks to me especially in groupings. I’d just be like: Okay. *Poker face: On* especially when that guy has uber sex appeal (Haha kidding!)

So true! Btw, I want to watch this series but I don’t actually know the title. I only saw this post on my friend’s timeline in facebook. Let me know if you know. :D