It will be almost a year since my coworkers and I went to Japan last November. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and it has been on my bucketlist for as long as I can remember so I was really excited when our boss announced that he’ll be sending us to Japan. This was also my first out-of-country ever since I went to study abroad in Xiamen way back in 2009 when I was just fourteen. Anyways, looking back, our 6 days in Japan went by real quick, it almost felt like I was dreaming when we were there.

11.11.2016 Day 1: Shinjuku, Ginza, Yurakucho

Tokyo Narita Airport.


We took the Airport Limousine Bus on our way to our hotel in Shinjuku.


Saw Tokyo Tower 🗼 on our way from Narita. I thought that I just had to go there before we leave Tokyo to Osaka (because OP feels 😭).


It took around an hour to get to our hotel in Shinjuku. We stayed in Hilton and this is our view from our hotel.


Shinjuku Street.


It was freaking cold outside. I think it was around 10 degrees at that time.


Saw this building when we were walking and was fascinated on how tall the building was. I searched for the name of the building and realized that it was Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, a 204-meter 50-story educational facility. According to wikipedia, it is the 2nd tallest educational building in the world and 25th tallest building in Japan.


We also rented a pocket wifi in a not-so-nearby convenience store since we forgot to rent one while we were at the airport.


It was already 4pm when we opted to have our lunch in Itamae Sushi Shinjuku.
* The tiled photos below are not mine.

As soon as we rented the pocket wifi, we had our lunch in this nearby resto because we were starting to feel hungry. We weren’t disappointed tho. The food tasted really good!15129565_1507225522625794_6478879235399697379_o

We still roamed around the streets of Shinjuku after we had lunch. I remember going inside on this department store and each of us bought umbrellas since it was slightly raining. After that, we road the subway going to Ginza.


We spent the rest of the night roaming around the streets of Ginza. Ginza is a high-class major shopping district in Tokyo.


The largest branch of Uniqlo in Japan. It has 12 floors!15179174_1507225665959113_7236192324612518302_n15122936_1511569735524706_6949874071285783115_o15137629_1511574262190920_4349521326055309877_o

It also houses the infamous Hattori Clock Tower in Wako Building. (I often see this in mangas I read lol).


The evening was chilly and it was only 6pm when we decided to take a rest from all the hustling and bustling and had coffee in Le Cafe Doutor.


Sipping coffee as we watched people hustle.15135992_1507225702625776_1093598155628800871_n

My officemate also suggested that we try this resto somewhere in Yurakucho, which accordingly had good reviews. It was a good long walk and we got lost as we explored our way on foot. According to Google Maps, it was supposed to only be a five-minute walk from our last stop, but we got lost on our way finding it. I don’t actually remember the name of the establishment where we dined in but I do remember walking underneath train tracks, tunnels and alleyways.

Lol at the unnamed roads.


Lol at us struggling to find the place. I remember walking around in circles!

15122863_1511579552190391_8815277109109145444_o15137425_1511594452188901_5894311336175202551_o15167648_1511594328855580_1375367212806464598_oWe went back to the hotel via taxi afterwards. We were surprised to find out that traffics here were infrequent. And also, taxi doors open automatically lol. 15235371_1511576165524063_5968302011004324680_o


11.12.2016 Day 2: Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku

The next day, we went to the infamous Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, which is also known as the oldest temple in Tokyo.16107109_1585553794792966_7274113598690207038_oWe went from Shinjuku Station to Asakusa via the JR line.15972751_1585551741459838_7943486504726765049_o15591084_1585542591460753_6438842150657964828_o.jpg

It would have been quite a walk from our hotel to the Shinjuku Station but luckily, we found out that Hilton actually has a shuttle bus which could take us directly to the station. While inside the bus, I couldn’t help but take photos of the beautiful surroundings of Japan.


I didn’t expect to see a lot of people flocking in and out the temple. It was really crowded.15123062_1511674315514248_6285456780382223237_o15168785_1511674485514231_4610694590959930322_o15123446_1511674808847532_2030143887029131423_o.jpg15168823_1511674965514183_3092784759013308570_o15156890_1511677508847262_6774700828113797532_o

I saw a lot of locals wearing traditional kimonos as they strolled through the streets of Asakusa. There’s actually a kimono store nearby wherein you can rent them for a day but we opted not to since we didn’t plan on staying in Asakusa for so long.15078634_1507227745958905_8751697295873338225_n15027585_1507227415958938_7277008619147437431_n16114905_1585553691459643_7978170646146635627_n14732352_1507227225958957_5727963872049893598_n

They sell a wide variety of Japanese fans, Katana swords, etc. All of which are some of the cool things to buy in Japan while you’re at it – that is, if you’re a fan of the Japanese martial arts.14054293_1511675512180795_8405709079290535752_o15194344_1511675402180806_3897877536080414251_o15167735_1511676055514074_7766927871731710425_o

We tried this one since this drew the most attention plus it’s only around Php80 when you convert it. I’m not sure what it’s called but losta people were actually lining up for this street snack. To be honest, it wasn’t as good as people hyped them up to be. It has a sweet taste but the sauce was super sticky and it can get all over the place.


We also often get dehydrated after all the walking lol. But we didn’t have to worry because vending machines could be found almost everywhere. They’re all over the place. A bottled water costs ¥100 or equivalent to Php45.

15994418_1585555588126120_8603712734437464704_o.jpgAfter leaving the temple grounds, we decided to do a little detour and go to Tokyo Sky Tree because we all thought that it was already very nearby since the tower was already visible when we were roaming around the streets in Asakusa. 16113441_1585552624793083_5887969952416605046_o.jpg15965781_1585553551459657_5076272400751143706_n.jpg

On our way, we discovered that there was a Studio Ghibli store. My sister wanted a Totoro music box as a souvenir. When I entered the shop, I was lucky enough to find a music box. I didn’t want to let the chance slip through my fingers when it was already right in front of me so I bought it right away. I got her this one, which was around ¥5,000.

We had a chance to walk past Azumbashi Bridge in Asakusa which was only a walking distance from Sensoji Temple. Our itinerary didn’t even include Sky Tree at all. Our next stop should have been Meiji Jingu, but whatever, curiosity kills the cat! The Sky Tree just drew all of our attention into it.15179182_1507228772625469_8088367760978340100_nI saw this one passed by under the bridge but I’ve actually no idea on what type of marine vessel it was lol. 15094385_1507231342625212_3692161243485884659_n (1)After crossing the bridge, we rested for a while in the Sumida Park. This was also the last time we got to get a glimpse of the Sky Tree and the closest to where we could get to it. My officemate told us that it still seemed quite far if we walked from where we were so we got back to our original itinerary – which was Meiji Jingu. 15138328_1511678875513792_1365704279794282735_oGoodbye Sky Tree! I’ll visit you when I get a chance!15230722_1511589972189349_4768997435594266303_n

To get us on track, we rode the subway station. Lol at us eyeing those cold drinks vending machines!15123258_1511590035522676_5505918663597985246_o15123365_1511590288855984_7696976988761713338_oI recommend trying this one. It’s cheap but the flavor’s good. Fun fact: Did you know that Georgia Coffee is the world’s highest-grossing, ready-to-drink coffee brand? According to wiki, it was launched in 1975 by Coca-Cola (Japan), named after Coca-Cola’s home state of Georgia. It has since expanded to markets in Singapore, South Korea, India, Bahrain, and the U.S. And they don’t have this in the Philippines.15037291_1507234532624893_8085338589508608986_n

Unfortunately tho! It was already closed by the time we got there. It was 5pm and I think the place closes at 4pm. Lol super fail.15129415_1507237262624620_2361748174352753083_o15977814_1585552814793064_1336955508104929091_n

We went to ride a cab going to Harajuku afterwards. My officemate really wanted to check some place out. She told us that she couldn’t afford to miss it.15037137_1507238122624534_4875521741418021417_n.jpgWe found out that she was particularly interested in shoes. There were quite a number of shoe stores and they sell a wide variety of brands/models/colors, etc. Most of them were discounted too. I wasn’t quite of a fan of shoes in particular and we were only on the second day so I urged myself not to splurge.15134597_1507238152624531_6529841403036668793_n.jpgWe also tried Eggs n’ Things. And we had pancakes for dinner lol.Capture.PNGBut boi was the line long! I think we waited for around 45 minutes just to get in. At first we were supposed to stay outside the resto but we requested to eat inside since it was really cold (but not as cold as the first day).15994374_1585541771460835_8859565699633431784_o.jpgAfter eating, we rode a cab again and went to the infamous Shibuya! As soon as our driver dropped us off, we were amazed on how bright the city lights were!16113361_1585542118127467_7901849539838554560_o.jpgAnd you know what happens next? We took multiple photos of us crossing the streets non-stop lol! We were all jiddy and happy, and we’ve never been this excited to cross a street! I’ve a video stored in my phone but I can only posts photos here so-15056221_1507240462624300_8732148229416341562_n15037123_1507239782624368_764228295808339666_n15178218_1507239449291068_3400587148703414444_nI think we’ve crossed the streets a dozen of times but we weren’t the only ones.  15156745_1507242735957406_1371736707619031838_o15975310_1585553134793032_1985509924065366736_oWe saw a woman in a long red gown having her pictures taken while she was crossing the streets of Shibuya. I think it took around 30 mins or so since we spotted her from the moment we stayed in Starbucks until we decided to go home. (Tho it isn’t in the picture)15171049_1507247092623637_7512743628824301075_nForeigners stopping by to have their pictures taken ob the Shibuya Crossing seemed pretty normal to the locals there. I’m sure they’re already very used to seeing them.15195990_1511681832180163_147239109688812181_o.jpgIt was 11pm+ by the time we got back to our hotel. We didn’t have our pocket wifi with us and by the time we got off Shinjuku Station, we got lost but the locals were very kind to help us find our hotel. They sent us a bluetooth of the image of the map from where we were going to our hotel. It was already very dark and we happened to pass by this eerily dark street and there were a few drunk (?) guys around, and my officemate was telling me how it wasn’t really a safe place but okay I was starting to feel scared and it was just the 2 of us because our other officemate met up with her friend that night and we left her the wifi since she was all alone and what if her friend didn’t show up? Lol to cut things short, nothing really happened that time. I’m just saying how hard it was for us to go by without the pocket wifi lol. Tho in our last day, I managed to go around in Osaka on my own without having to depend on any wifi connection. It was hard but I managed and I felt proud of myself lol.

Btw, there were a lot of handsome guys in Shibuya haha that I just couldn’t help but secretly stare at them! 

11.13.2016 Day 3: Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Disney Sea, Tokyo Tower


11.14.2016 Day 4: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Government, Dotonbori

11.15.2016 Day 5: Kyoto Inari Shrine, Dotonbori

11.16.2016 Day 6: Universal Studios

11.17.2016 Day 7: Dotonbori



Just a quick, random post.

Dear Diary,

Remember the time when I told you that I was aiming for a 4.0 in Finman1? Well, yes. I did got a 4.0.  And another 4.0 in Intfilo. I also belonged to the Second Honors Dean’s Lister this time.  I got a GPA of 3.25 this term. I’ve gotten so grade conscious now. I was sort of happy and satisfied with that. But I longed for more actually. Because I knew that if only I had tried harder and exerted more effort, I think I could have been a First honor dean’s lister. Huhu! I only needed a 0.2% in the averaging. If only I got a 3.5 in finmat, things would have gotten better. I’m still waiting for next Wednesday so that I could issue a certificate for qualifying in Dean’s List.

I told my family about it but they wouldn’t believe me. I knew I should have waited until I got my certificate as proof that I really was a DL. But oh well. I told them in a joking manner anyway. I got them baffled. Hahaha!

Recently, like for this term, I’ve lost interest into studying again. I remember last term that I’d have sleepless nights reading articles and preparing for finals. But now, all I do is just surf the net. And I don’t know why. And this makes me mad. Maybe because, I have the worst sched ever, or maybe because of the profs, or maybe the combination of my subjects this term. I really don’t know. I’m taking up three floating courses right now and I didn’t follow what was written in our flow chart. I just took Tretwo(Ethics and Morality), Humaart(Arts), and Humalit(Literature). I replaced my Oblicon(Obligations and Contracts) and Kaspil2(Rizal).  Maybe because I feel no pressure this time regarding these subjects. I was confident when I enrolled these subjects that I would get a higher GPA. But I don’t think so. I’m not that sure anymore. I got terror profs and that’s the worst. Feeling major kumbaga. Hay naku… :(( I don’t know what I’m writing about. Forgive me if I make no sense anymore. This is so sabog. Lol. I needed a new inspiration.

Fortunately, one of my friends in Facebook posted his grades for first term. He’s a frosh. I’m one of his seniors, but only a year higher tho. And I was inspired again.

I’ll hide his name for privacy matters. :))

I want my grades to be like his. I want a 4.0 in every subject! Hahaha. But I know that dreams are dreams. So dream on, Ria. Dream on.

I think he’s a gifted child. Brains like that of Einstein. Kidding. :)) He passed all of the entrance test in the top 4 universities. I don’t know why he chose La Salle. I think he was contemplating on whether he’d take up a Business course or a pre-med one because he passed BS-MGT-H in Ateneo, and BS-PSY in UP, and Pharmacy in UST. Why La Salle? Anyways, he’s also a pianist, a violinist, and an artist. I’m really envious of him right now. My friends say that I’m such a stalker haha. I’ll live up to that. :))

I’m inspired again. Yay! But not 100 percent. I miss agno, and spice, and snob. HAHAHA. Grabe! Nakakahiya na. Andami kasi. :)) I miss having an inspiration hahaha. Last term, I had an inspiration for every subject. Mentioned before on one of my recent entries, one was a consistent DL. :))

P.S. There was this guy on LRT2 when I was on my way back home. I was reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini when I smelled a paputok, an explosion, if you know what I mean. I sniffed and sniffed so that I can find the culprit. Judging from the uniform he was wearing, he was from ____. I won’t mention the name of the school anymore. I don’t want to expose the ‘scandal’ over here.  He smelled really bad. HUHU! I know it was him because everytime he fans himself, the combination of his perfume and body odor would explode. What’s worse was that, the direction of the air current was directed towards me. So I stopped reading because the scent was stinging my eyes and my nose. :))

P.P.S. I’m posting a lot of random stuff here. Bare with me. It’s okay since I know I don’t have that much of a massive amount of readers. HAHAHA! Okielangyan. Bahala na.

Ciao! I have so many academics works to do tonight. Also, I have to finish Clannad After Story, Another, and GoSick. And read The Kite Runner. And play Harvest Moon. Over the weekend. And watch some Finance expo/contest on Friday in J.P. Morgan Chase in Taguig. I don’t even know how I’d get there. But my blockmate promised me that we would go there together.  We’d meet up at school. Nyahahaha~ Funny because we both don’t know how to get there. The nearest MRT station was Buendia Station. After that, I don’t know what to do. My sister said that we should take a bus or a taxi. He should know how to drive a car already. Hahaha! I’m dead meat when he finds out that I’m blogging about him. Ayaw mo nun? Na feature ka pa sa blog kong bulok! :)) And no. Heck no. Yaks! We don’t have any intimate feelings with one another. Kaderder. :)) We’re just friends. Hay naku! 

Bye na talaga! :P :))))


Coffee Bean- Loved it at First.

I was at home when my sister texted me if I wanted to go to Coffee Bean when it was 6 o clock. I was at our residence whereas she was already there. She texted me at 6pm. While I was able to read it at 6:08. I was blogging here so I was having doubles on whether I’d go or not. Not only that, I’d already made “mental” plans that night to finish my homework in ACTBAS and in TREDONE to prepare myself for today’s presentation. What convinced me was that she’ll treat me one drink there. So yeah. I went. After walking a minute or so out



by: Roxy Cabral

Longing for the past,

Filled with bittersweet mem’ries,

I want to go back.

It has been 6 months already since I was with my family back in the province

I really miss them. I miss my home. I miss its ambience. I miss my room.

I miss everything.

I find it hard to adjust. And it’s taking me so long.

My number one Christmas wish,

is to see them once more.

I want to spend every second, every minute of my life with them.

No one can ever really love and care for you except your family.

I miss their faces, I miss their voice.

Although, occasionally, one by one, they’d visit me,

But I long to see them altogether.

I want to go,

to where they are.

I want to fill my heart with joy, with bliss, with contentment.

I just want to be with them once more.

Have you ever felt like this? You feel so lonely and you think that the only solution is to see your loved ones once again…

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!

Chapter 1


Chapter 1-

I woke up startled from the dream I just had. I was in an isolated island. The sky showed no stars and the only source of illumination was the full moon. The sea breeze was cold yet damp. I haven’t got a clue to tell what time it was. I heard nothing except for the sounds of the waves. I wandered around the shore and as I did, to my surprise, I saw a beautiful maiden, about twenty feet away, dressed in silky white. Her long, smooth, brown hair was tied. She was about the same age as mine. She was looking at the serene sea. But her expression was sad like she had done something wrong and regretted whatever it might be. I squinted and noticed that tears trickled on her rosy cheeks. On her right hand, she was holding something small and shiny. Gradually, I became aware that she was holding a scalpel. Her hands were trembling. I ran towards her kicking sands behind me and paused. She lifted her hands up while holding the knife and pointed it on her chest.

“Stop! “ I shouted. My voice sounded more like of a squeak rather than a scream.

She dropped the knife on the sand and turned to me. I was only a foot away from her now. Her dark brown eyes met mine. Her cheeks were bright red because of crying. I didn’t know what to do. I could have stand there the whole night if she did not run away from me towards the back of the island.

I was shocked there for a moment. I grabbed her knife on the sand and followed her immediately.


I’m still not yet done with it.  Please don’t copy this because I’m planning to turn this into a book. (ows?) Anyway, I also haven’t thought about what’s gonna happen next nor its plot. :| This suddenly just came out into my mind when I had nothing else to do on the computer. I started writing. o_O