About the author

>>My story begins on the 2nd of September 1994. I was born in Naga City, a relatively small “urban” area in Bicol, to local entrepreneurs Arthur and Susan. I was then the fifth member of the family.

>>Most of my early childhood days were spent at home with the maids and my elder brother and sister after their class, of course. I never got the chance to socialize with the other kids who lived on the same street. This may be a reason why it takes me quite a long time to be comfortable with other people.

>>I love surprises and gifts. Yes, I am superficial, just like most people. I usually give something back, it may not be as grand but it’s better than nothing.

>>I keep my blog for the sake of noting down significant events in my life and the feelings which I’ve experienced thru each these events. It’s really great to have my life documented, to flick thru the pages of my life, and to have something to look back into in the future. I also like to treasure memories! And this blog helps me monitor my own deficiencies, flaws and lapses all at the same time.

>>Secrets are safe with me. ;)


Nominated by simplicityismymiddlename.com last March 19, 2014


10 thoughts on “About the author

      1. Blog hopping? Well, I found yours and that’s it! I love your blog by the way. :D

        You write novels? You mind if I want to read them? Haha! :D

      2. You can share some parts sa blog. Haha! Share it. I’m sure maganda yan. I’m just 101% sure. No kidding.

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