I don’t know?

If given the chance, I’d like to go back to college. Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed fin. mgt, fin. stats, business math, fin. econometrics, and int’l finance.

Edit: Finance is really a broad topic. Fixed income, derivatives, corp. finance, fin. reporting, and portfolio management. It also has a bit of economics in it. Back when I was reviewing, I got really interested in corp. finance. You get to study and evaluate which investments are good, and which investments you should avoid, as you try to maximize the company’s stock value. Strategic planning is a must when trying to maximize the co.’s value. A company can do debt and/or equity financing by borrowing funds from the banks, infusing capital, or doing joint ventures. At that time, I thought that I should try and land a career in this industry.

When I graduated, landing a career in the banking industry was a must for me. I’m glad that I was able to work in one of the local banks here in the country. Although I only worked for a short period of time (cuz priorities), I was able to learn a lot when I was in the lending industry. There are processes and rules that banks are mandated to follow and now that I’m working in a consulting/advisory firm, I’m happy that I get to work with companies that need fund sourcing from banks. It’s like I get to see it from a totally different/opposite standpoint/ perspective. It’s really exciting. And I realized that I also matured in thinking. Sometimes, when I’m out for a walk, I see on-going buildings being erected here and there. In my head, I try to estimate and compute how much is the capex needed for that, I do an estimate on how big is the leasable space versus the gross floor area. I ask myself who are the developers, when’s the building going to open, whether it’s a commercial/residential/office building, how much is the lease rate, how big of an investment will that be, and if it’s going to generate the expected returns, etc. Things like that. My thought process wasn’t really like this before. Tho, we were up to date with news regarding banks and non banks financial institutions, since it’s our job as analysts to research on news, but it’s only now that I get to apply what we do in work to life. It’s more of like, kind of a real thing here. Wow. I just realized all of this as I’m writing this now and I didn’t really expect writing a post this long, and talk about my job. Idek. But it seems to be really interesting to me, nowadays.

The problem is, I don’t know what to do moving forward. I used to plan way ahead on what I’ll be doing in the future:

2014, Graduating: “I’m working for a bank”.

2014 – 2016, while working in the bank: “I’m young and underpaid. Afterall, it’s not always about money~”.

2016, Reviewing: “Ah~ Corp. Finance seems pretty interesting.”

2016 – now, while working in corp. finance consulting firm: Boss: “I’d like to hear wjat you want to do, what your plans are. I hope you can give me a 10-year plan on what you want to do”. Me: *gets pressured, mind goes blank* “…”


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