Your Name 2016-1223

Just watched Your Name/Kimi No Nawa and it was soooo good!! I recommend!
Now im researching the landmark used in the movie. If an actual comet landed in Itomori and whether or not hundreds of people got killed. 😢😂
I also liked the songs and the artwork! Ohgawd it reminded me so much of Japan, i got goosebumps! I was sobbing in the end and it hit me 😢😂
Tho it was really annoying cuz of the people seated beside me. One looked disinterested and kept on glancing to my side and kept on talking to someone over the phone. While the other one was with her gf and they were talking so loud that i could clearly hear them even tho they were 3 seats apart from my right. They kept on commenting and pointing out the obvious. I had to put my earphones on my right ear just to block them off and at least only hear out mumbles from them lol.
I didn’t really plan on watching but I was so bored and I didn’t want to go home yet cuz there was nothing much to do there and even if I wanted to go home, I couldn’t cuz it was impossible to book a ride on Grab at 6PM on a FRIDAY during CHRISTMAS (and it was pricey too! Php291 at that when it only costs me around Php85-Php150 usually. I mean, with Php291, you can watch and enjoy a movie so yeah). Lol. Since everyone around my circle (aka ex-officemates) was busy and none of them were interested to watch this film with me TuT, I didn’t really mind going on my own alone cuz I was used to it (whenever I don’t feel like going home, you can spot me wandering inside a mall, either to watch a movie or do some window shopping). Anyway, I didn’t expect it to be that good.
Tbh, I thought it was going to be just another cliche story where boy swaps body with girl vice versa but it turned out to be much deeper and more interesting than that. I first stumbled upon the anime film when I saw it spread like wild fire on my Facebook feed, like it just popped right out of nowhere smh. I’ve read the synopsis and found it to be quite interesting. Then I read an article online when I was surfing the net just a few days ago that it will actually be shown on the big screen but I didn’t give much attention to it and just shrugged and ignored it.
Then I was invited spontaneously to join my ex-officemates in their meryenda/salo salo when I passed by them to get a gift from a friend there. I was contemplating on going home cuz I was feeling dead tired and sleepy, or watch a movie. When I searched the net on what movies where showing in Glorietta, I was shooked to see Your Name/ Kimi no Nawa was there. Like how did an anime film get to be shown on theaters? I could just download it or stream it online. Anyways, I was ready to go home but like what I’ve said, going home was impossible at that time so I went on to watch the movie. And I’m tellin’ you it was worth it! It was the first time that I felt a tugging feeling off of my chest even after the movie and it felt like that even after I went home and when I was about to sleep. My heart ached and it felt heavy all the way home, hitting me right in the kokoro. I couldn’t explain and didn’t know what was happening and words couldn’t describe the feeling I felt and how much I was moved by it. Ah it was awesome~ I also sobbed but sobbing is normal to me lol.



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