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I’m gonna get jinxed fo’ shur after writing that. Although I’ve exhausted and engraved every bit of hope I have within me to write and wish for things about this and that to happen, I suppose taking it down would be the safest and best way to keep to myself what should therefore remain as a secret. I talk about my dreams with not a lot of people but to a very few whom I’ve gained my trust. My emotions, dreams and hopes, are undeniably a part of me- not locked up- but are usually kept to myself. Sometimes, however, the opposite of what I write about would usually occur and I would almost always end up getting disappointed with the result. It’s sad but it’s true and that’s just how things work, at least to me. I would write stories about my dreams, envision, and fantasize about having them realized, but not one of them has transpired. So before that log becomes a permanent part of that log, I thought that I might have to delete it hoping that I wouldn’t have to look back into yet another one of my dream-posts-turned-failures. :( RN


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