My Everydays · Random


  • Something really embarrassing happened to me this morning while I was on my way to work. Like all eyes were suddenly glued on me after what happened! I tried to keep my eyes away from meeting theirs and rushed my way out as soon as possible while trying to keep my composure and my usual straight face at the same time.
  • I ate lunch with my NEOC friends from the Institutional Banking Group. I told them what happened and they just LOL’ed. Their faces started to turn red. Yssa was already tearing up lmao.
  • Released three accounts today for our division head’s approval. I failed to start working on my other clean up accounts with stale ratings and I failed to request for the industry situationer report for some new regular accounts for annual reviews. Deadlines for all of the accounts are on the third week of February. Sighs. Ever since I started working, I never experienced doing nothing. I’m just always too busy. Not to mention, I already started working on the financial spreads on my first day. Speaking of which, this day exactly marks the start of my third month, but I’ve already processed, more or less, 25 accounts? That’s like 7 accounts per month, or 2 accounts every week. My seniors pity me sometimes since I do a lot of things. My IBG friends told me that they weren’t doing anything during their 1st month
  • K and I just looked at each other’s eyes when he was already leaving for work. Our eyes met for what seemed like a very long time, and he was smiling. And I couldn’t stop smiling too! He’s too cuuute! BUT, he already has a gf but it’s okay, it’s just a happy crush is all.
  • Since our unit moved from the 7th floor to the 11th, I’m starting to take care of my appearance again. Lol. Cuz before, all of us on the 7th floor were just girls. There are some boys too but they’re not our co-departments. And I think that they just aren’t my type. Hehe >;d
  • My back has been hurting like hell recently. It’s getting harder and harder for me to straighten them up. I was actually diagnosed with mild scoliosis during my medical check up for pre-employment requirements. Idk what’s the case for my back today. ;u; I just hope that it’s not so bad.
  • Annyeong! Need to call my parents and talk about some hard matters regarding __. I hope they agree! Aljdslfkj

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