Game of Thrones book set.

I helped clean and redecorate my sister’s room last weekend. I didn’t need to be told. I even volunteered. I just like seeing things organized and neatly placed so yup. Everything was put in their proper place. We even added some decorations on her wall just to add “elegance”. Anyways, the one thing which I greatly adore in her bedroom right now was her bookshelf.

I know it’s not much esp. for all the voracious readers out there. I have yet to read about half of them and the pic does not include my own to-read books and our books in the province. I somehow just recently started to seriously like the habit of reading and become “engrossed”. Nowadays, I make sure that I make time for reading during my spare time.

I marveled on how many books she has and I have yet to read.But I especially marveled at this book set. ♥

stubby finger.

I can’t wait to read this series even if I disliked watching the show. (I’m not particularly fond of watching American drama television series. Tho, I do like reading fantasy and am interested in trying out “medieval” stuff and the like. Plus, my co-workers and my brother highly recommend it so I’m really hyped up right now. Usually, my bro and I have the same tastes when it comes to everything: music, video games, sports, series, and books. I’m the little brother in the family and I wished to be a guy instead and hangout with my bros when he and his friends play basketball.)

RN, I’m just waiting for my sister to start reading book one so that I could start reading by the time she’s done with it.




One thought on “Game of Thrones book set.

  1. Why did you not include the other 2 layers in the frame? I still have 3 books there – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Gone With the Wind, and The Adventures of Hugo Cabaret ha ha.

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