Life · Life after college


The moment I heard the news from my brother and sister, I knew that I at least had to do something. I couldn’t stand being idle. I decided to see just what I could do to help. So, I surreptitiously started that out.

For the first few days, everything was doing great. I was making connections, meeting new people, helping them as I helped myself, as well, etc. Though I couldn’t deny the fact that there were a lot of mistakes when I was handling a lot of them already. But the biggest mistake I made was that I ended up getting scammed. I could still remember the feel of the grip of his hand as I shook mine with his. I shivered. I knew that there was just something off even before I met him. Instincts told me that something just wasn’t quite right. But still, I just shrugged them off. I heeded and I realized the situation too late.

I had a pretty rough day that morning. All throughout that morning, I had the furrow look and I had to force my brows not to forrow. It was the most stupid thing I’ve ever done in my life that I just can’t forgive myself easily for having done so. I never wanted that to happen ever again so I would most likely quit the game.

It has gotten pretty tiring, too. This sort of thing, that is.

I wanted to discontinue everything that I have started after that.

Believe me, no one would want to get involve with the same kind of situation.

And this blog post ends in a very depressing tone… /sobs/




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