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It ended good.

Well my day didn’t really end that bad.

First, I got a confirmation about sth via text. Something which I’ve been dreading and waiting and wanting to hear for what seemed like a very long time. But I was still half mad and half upset at that time so I was supposed to ignore it but it was mandatory to reply. I replied hastily…

Second, someone made everything right after that incident. That someone has made my day so much that I cried myself. I am forever grateful to that person. I feel obliged to repay that person but that person didn’t accept my gratitude again for the second time. I feel very much indebted to that someone. And I will never forget that person’s kindness to me.

That is all.


I still have some things to attend to which needs updating and all. But first, I’ll just eat my dinner because I’m starving.




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