Life after college

Wow friend actually remembered



Wow after 98375301 years, an old friend of mine in high school actually sent me a private message in fb congratulating me cuz I graduated already. Lol. But she didn’t even know what my course was. :( xD I remember when we were still in high school, the two of us, including this one friend of ours, planned that we will all take accounting as our bachelor’s degree. But mom told me to take Finance. So, it was my first choice. I also wrote Accounting-Eco as my second choice. But I passed the first choice so I didn’t want to shift. And I was okay with my course already. I didn’t want to burden myself with a double degree. Plus, I wasn’t good at accounting. My grades were pretty average on each of the 3 accounting subjects I took when I was still a frosh.

Anyways, we’re still chatting right now. We’re updating each other about how things are going on na. She wants me to come back in the province asking me when! TuT But I couldn’t promise her anything yet. ;u; I sorta miss this friend.




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