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The parting words.

Sige, Lira ha? Mauna na kami.”

Before Jin could leave, I unconsciously wrapped my hands around my friend and proudly congratulated her. I always surprise myself whenever I do that. But it has always felt natural. Her mom looked at us. My sister and mom, too but I ignored them. We warmly hugged each other before parting. And these were the last words she said to me, “Alskdjfsksd trabaho, ha?”.

I stared blankly at her for a moment; I didn’t quite hear what she said but I guess it was, “Hanap ka na ng trabaho, ha?”. A few positive words which teared me up.

“This is it,” I thought.

I realized that this was the last day that I’d ever get to see her as a college student. We each have our own different paths to take from thereon. Who knew that I would feel like this on the day of the graduation ceremony? I never knew that I’m going to miss Jin  this much even though I’ve only met her a few terms ago. I don’t know. But she’s a friend who can be honest with me all the time, and she’s not afraid to tell me the truth even if it hurts me. That’s why I’ve gotten so open to her and I always run to her whenever I have problems. She gives me one of the best advises always. And when I have a hard time explaining myself, she can put the right words and speak in behalf of me. Well now that I think about it, I think she knows me well more than I know myself. Haha. I had to blink back tears.

I cry easily, I know. But I have a soft spot when it comes to all things I’ve grown attached to. At that time, her mom told me that I can come visit their place whenever I want. I laughed because I was always welcome on their abode and her parents always give me food and a place to stay whenever I don’t like to go home but I couldn’t give something in return so I was a bit embarrassed at that invite. I can’t remember how many sleep overs I had at their place but it was almost always because of thesis/ sudden dinner treats, and one time, a concert.

I wanted to cry but chose not to. I’m going to miss not only Jin, but also the few friends I’ve made, my schoolmates who always like to tease me, and my home for almost four years. The three and a half years I spent in college was really memorable. And I can’t believe that it has already ended.



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