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My first day as a college grad.

Nothing really changed except that I’ve all the time to myself without having to divide my time between acads and the things I want to do and the fact that I also don’t have allowance. Boo.


So yesterday, my sisters and I went shopping in Glorietta. My friend and I were supposed to be out right then when her mom invited me to go with them but because my mom was also here, I couldn’t go with them. Lol. Did that make sense?

Anyhow, it’s the nearest shopping mall in our place so yup.

I wasn’t really into it for I just wanted to stay at home and watch One Piece instead because I finally reached the 500th episode mark. I also didn’t want to spend money on any apparel since I’m always stuck at home and I don’t need them yet. They wanted to buy shoes and bags while I didn’t need anything. But since they needed my card, I was compelled to just lazily go with them. <<Sighs…>>

We hitched a cab to go there. After that, we just found ourselves walking and going inside stores trying to look for something to buy.

[!] Flashback: My mom and I went to Glorietta the day before that and I found some sweaters and tops which I wanted to have but couldn’t ask mom to buy them for me. I was simply embarrassed since mom only intended to buy my younger sisters their shoes and bag. She saw me checking those clothes out and asked me if I wanted them, but I just lied and said that I didn’t even tho I wanted them badly.

I just noticed how my taste for clothes has changed.

Before, during my younger years, I used to let my mom choose clothes for me, and I’d just fit whatever she picks and try them on and see if they’d fit and feel comfortable. I only try loose shirts. I didn’t know how to shop and I’d just follow my mom or my elder sister around and wait for them to give me something to try on. But now, I never get my eyes glued on to shirts anymore. My mom actually saw this shirt and asked me again if I wanted them but I didn’t like it. Idk why. But I would’ve said yes before and automatically try it and if it fits, mom would buy it for me. Now, whenever I go to stores, I look for tops which are classy/ semi-formal looking… something which are likely corporate attire. I think my preference has changed when my thesis mates and I went shopping in SM North way back two terms ago. At that time, I still didn’t know how to shop for clothes, so I let one of my friends pick anything which she thinks is good. So she picked one, and I loved it. Her clothes are always semi-formal and I’ve never seen her wear shirts. It was kinda pricey but I got my mom’s permission naman. After that, whenever I go to malls by myself, I have this tendency to choose clothes which have the same style.

Aside from semi-formal clothes, I am also now inclined to sweaters, cardigans, etc. Anything which I think is kpop style i.g. YG Ent/ 2ne1/ BTS/ hip hop style. I actually saw hoodies, sweaters and jackets which had the same vibe and feeling when my mom and I passed by this store and it was full of them. Again, I didn’t tell mom that I wanted them even tho I secretly did and even tho she wanted me to buy something for myself. But yeah…

It looked something like this:


So when my sisters and I went to the same mall again yesterday, I told them that we had to pass by that store again. I let one of my sisters see the sweater I liked but I didn’t buy it because they weren’t buying anything in the first place. We intended to buy shoes and a bag so okay… I was also looking for semi-formal clothes, but nothing caught my eye.

So we ate snacks at Army Navy. I never really liked Burritos. The first time I tasted it, my sister and I were watching a movie in a theater, I didn’t finish it and I even threw up when I was halfway through. So yesterday, I ordered one, and my sister and I shared it. I tasted it. And it was good. Really good. I could finish the whole thing even. While my two other sisters got pancake and onion rings. They were good too! I wanted to eat more! But we were short on cash so nope.


We walked again and I wasn’t really aware of the time. Then we went to so many stores which I couldn’t even remember the names. We accidentally bumped into Old Navy and boom! This shirt! A long sleeved shirt caught my eye. Remember that I’m into kpop style and I’ve seen BTS idols wear this one. Even though, I’m not supposed to buy anything and I just went to accompany my sisters, I guiltily tried it on and bought it afterwards. I couldn’t resist it but I was very happy. I told them that. And I told them that I’m not to shop for anything else. I don’t need anything. I was so happy I don’t need to ask for anything else. Really.

I’m a ’94 liner. Same as the rapper line in BTS’ Namjoon and Hoseok. And I’ve seen BTS members wear individual shirts whose birth years are imprinted at the back of the shirt. Boy! I wanted to make one and copy the style and just print myself a shirt! And when I even enrolled into the dance class, the instructors were selling white shirts like these and I wanted to buy them but I was short on cash like I always do.


I’m supposed to upload a photo of the shirt but I’m too lazy to take a photo, and transfer the file from phone to PC.

Anyways, BTS will also be having their first concert here in Manila #RedBulletManila this December 7th. If ever, this would be the second concert I’d be attending. And I plan to wear the shirt during the concert and never ever use it until then. I’m starting to save up for it. And boy oh boy! There are no gen ads. The farthest seats available are already lower box C! I’m just targeting that for now! I’m a cheap fangirl after all. But no biggies, just attending the concert can already make me the happiest girl on earth! I really don’t want to miss this opportunity and I want to and I’ve been wishing to see them even for just once in my life. Ticket reservations would be this Friday, I think until the day of the concert so I have plenty of time. And you can order online at smtickets or go to SM outlets. I just hope that I’ve enough cash already before the seats get full. I’ve also already downloaded the fanchants for the songs they are to perform. Huhuhu! Anyone who wants to come with me?

And then we also ended up going to a shoestore. My sisters bought shoes. At least one item on the to-buy-list got checked off. Then we went grocery shopping. The end. I was happy that I went with them. I wouldn’t be able to buy the shirt if I didn’t. Huehuehue shirt>one piece.

*Goes back to studying fan chants*

After this, I can go back into living a normal life and try to become more mature. Huhu #fangirl life.

PS I’m supposed to be out right now and take care of some errands, but I can still do them tomorrow. For now, I’ll just rest. Okok. Bye!



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