Hide: (v) to conceal from the notice of others


Hide* Hide* Hide!!*

It’s my blog so I can post whatever I want whenever I want, right?

But, I don’t wanna fill this blog with oh-so-much personal events especially that my RL friends can read it.

Maybe, I’m not gonna be as active like I was before.

Probably transfer to a new blog and make a professional one. I’m about to graduate college soon this Saturday. And the real journey begins there. Maybe I’m to write things about that from thereon. I’m not really sure on what’s to happen on this blog from hereon. But this blog will live and I’ve no intention on abandoning this. I mean, I can’t bear leaving this blog even if I attempted to several times before.  I actually left this blog the first time my RL friends and siblings found out by making it private and not posting anything for almost 6 months, then I came back, then I was gone again and went missing for another 6 months. It has been pretty inconsistent because of that. And just recently, I came back when my friends here in WP weren’t that active anymore. I  just thought to myself that who’s to read this blog about my life anyway so I kept on posting. This blog has been with me for years and it has been a fun ride. This was where I’ve put all my sentimental emotions when I was feeling down, and also all the experiences I’ve encountered from my last year in high school when it was just me talking to the blog and no one reading. My identity was unknown and anonymous at that time. I didn’t care about not sharing it to anyone or to any of my other social links, I never cared about followers, I just started this blog to write, write and just write.  I never expected it to grow that much and have  “non-existent” readers and a growing number of followers. I used to didn’t care about them, about numbers. But right now, I do. I want to gain followers even if they aren’t readers (I prefer not to).  And this wasn’t the original purpose I have in mind for the blog. This blog was to serve as my personal online diary and now that it has been exposed, I write only what I want to reveal to others and not what I really want to talk about. As much as I’d like to keep things updated, I’ve been recently somehow really careful on the things I post  because some things are still meant to be kept as secrets.  I actually have some news to tell like right now but I can’t post it because. (Don’t worry, it’s not depressing). Now, I feel kind of reluctant. And lazy. I never thought that I’d feel like this. I might write short posts once or twice in a month or whatever on some highlights about life and how it’s going but not as open as I used to before.

So yeah. I’ll probably buy and just keep a real diary and write my everyday encounters, daily accounts there like what excites me, what saddens me, and what’s happening around me. Or make a more professional one, yup! But if I do make one, it’ll end up eating my time especially because that it’s going to be a professional one. But as what I’ve said, I’m not giving up on this blog. And I’m glad that I was able to make a couple of friends here who also likes manga/anime/kpop as much as I do! One of which is the person linked. I’ve also met a few people stanning BTS and it surprised me actually when I find posts about BTS on their blogs haha. ‘Kay!

So, this is Ria N. signing out! Peace!

PS I actually have a Tumblr blog in which I used to write there everyday. But it’s been inactive. Mmm okay!

Time to go down and talk to a make up artist from a salon for the event this Saturday! The graduation will start on 7:30 in the morning. I’ll ask if they are willing to accommodate me before that time and how much they are willing to charge. Bye bye!!*** Annyeong! okok!


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