Should I consider playing this again?

It’s been years since I last played this game and now that I’m on school break until next Wednesday, I want to play again!

I miss my archer-acrobat class!

And now, they also have another class which is Assassin!

Hmmm… I’m downloading the game right now. The file’s 5GB but I’ve been once really addicted to this game even trying out classes like Sorceress and Kali but I didn’t feel them both so my last recent character was Archer. My friend and I used to play this game during breaks while my other friend in the province and I would regularly go ol every night and meet up online during vacation. Lmao

My sister and I used to play DN. We used to take turns on who’s to play. She would watch me when it’s my turn, vice versa.


Anyways, with a faster desktop computer and faster internet connection, I might not experience any lags anymore unlike before in which I get disconnected every now and then. But I’m still reconsidering this idea since I’ve got so many things to do and finish before this vacation is over. YOLO baby! xD


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