My Everydays

I better work!



Just got out of gym a while ago.


Instead of doing an hour treadmill routine, I passed out and stopped on the 20 minute mark. I got super exhausted. I couldn’t continue to run anymore. Well, I was a bit disappointed with myself for I was targeting to burn off 500 calories but instead for today, I only managed to burn off 235 calories. He he.

Well, for this time, I actually tried a different approach. Since it wasn’t indicated in the guide, I integrated a constant 2.0 incline. I guess it’s actually a bit more tiring and challenging considering that the pace gradually increases as high as 9.0. I struggled to finish this 30 minute workout but failed eventually. I didn’t manage. I was thinking to myself halfway thru: “Make it stop! Make it stop, please! I can’t hold it much longer!”. He he.



I wanted to experiment and see which approach was better. I couldn’t handle the intensity of the work out today so I guess I have to consider the one which I’ve been following prior to this one.

Well, last Monday, I, to my surprise, was able to burn 681 calories, which exceeded my expectation by 181 cal! This was the guide which I used.  It isn’t as intense as the one I used today and I was glad that I’ve successfully finished this routine. So, from now on, I’d be using this guide when I go to the gym. Mehehe. k :)) That’s all for now – I’m gonna go to school cuz I’ve to pay for my sister’s additional tuitionnnn fee for an additional 3.0 units subject. After that, I’m to go to a mall and have my phone fixed there cuz I can still avail the 1 year warranty service. Woohoo!!! k….. :))




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