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9 Malls, 5 hours.

AAH! I’m sooo tired! I’ve been mall hopping from 1 pm to 6 pm! After accompanying my sis at school a while ago, I first went to MOA but then I found out that the mobile phone care center there already pulled out! So, the next service center according to the list I had was Greenbelt and Glorietta in Ayala! So… I went there too! I actually got lost in Ayala. This was actually the second time I got lost! Haha. I am not that familiar with the place yet so I just walked my way from the first drop off point of the jeep which I rode which was still in RCBC, I think. Haha. BTW, I already printed my resumes but I handed them to my sister before I left since it was raining hard and I didn’t want them to get wet. I should’ve brought them with me since I was already in my semi-formal attire and I saw a lot of banks accepting resumes which just had to be dropped off! Tsk tsk! Anyways, I was lost and I couldn’t find my way to Greenbelt haha so I just randomly guessed my way thru. I did a right, turned left, walked straight, walked in a subway, etc etc. Good thing, I saw a mark telling that if I’d go right, I’d see Greenbelt already! Yahoo! Tho, I also got lost inside the mall esp Glorietta! I wasn’t familiar with Greenbelt- Glorietta – Landmark since they’re all connected with one another. Walk… walk… walk… Then I asked a guard in Greenbelt but he said me that it was already closed. I asked where Glorietta 3 was. So I walked again. Then I asked another guard in Glorietta where Glorietta 3 was exactly and if there was a service center for my phone. He warned me that it might’ve closed already. So… I walked walked walked again and then I saw the Digital Exchange. Then I saw the phone store of my brand. I asked if I can avail the warranty service but they told me that their store’s only for customers buying phones and that they don’t do warranty services. The service center beside them closed already! Huhuhu so they gave me an updated list of all the service centers in Manila. I was familiar with Ali Mall and SM North Edsa Annex. I was about to give up but I thought that I might get lazy to go out tomorrow so I decided to go to Ali Mall in Cubao for it was closer than SM North. So, I went from MOA -> Greenbelt -> Landmark -> Glorietta -> SM Makati -> Farmer’s Plaza -> Gateway Mall (where, to my surprise, my school and another school actually have a game 2 in Basketball for this season’s UAAP! Haha) ->SM Cubao -> Ali Mall. After asking guards from MRT, to mall guards, to street guards, random street vendors, I finally found Ali Mall! TuT Then I asked another guard again where Nokia Care Center was located. He pointed directions. Then yay!! Finally! I found it! But I still had to wait in line for half an hour! -_- And then, blah blah blah I had to sign a contract about sth. And that the repair process would take 2-3 weeks. Blah blah blah and the personnel told me that if I’ve gone tomorrow, it wouldn’t be entertained anymore cuz the 1 year warranty service would’ve expired by then. LUCKY~ And she told me that I came all the way from Makati huhuhu I said yes! And it was such a hassle! She also gave me a brochure on the updated care centers and she told me that there’s one near Export Bank actually! Huehuehue I just passed by it a while ago on my way from MOA to Ayala! >3< Anyways, I’m just glad that it’s over! Haha will just wait for their call! Annyeong!

Got lost in Glorietta! But I admire the layout!
Got lost in Glorietta! But I admire the layout!
And I was able to accidentally drop by National Bookstore in Glorietta, which is the largest NBS I’ve seen ever in my entire life! A 3 storey one! And it actually has a mini cafe inside. Alksjdlfga! It was heaven!


After I got home, my sister and I just took pictures of ourselves UnU :))



6 thoughts on “9 Malls, 5 hours.

  1. Buti ka pa naghahanap ka na ng trabaho!!! TuT HAHAHA ako hindi pa masyado :)))) Pero shemay siguro maghahanap narin ako :))) Ang pangit ng feeling na tambay lang tas walang pera naiipon HAHAHA ;___; good luck! >xD

      1. Huhuhu tengene bigla nanaman ako nagiging emo sa pera eh :)))) GUSTO KO NA MAGHANAP NG TRABAHO PERO AT THE SAME TIME ayaw parin HAHAHA! :))) Ingat ingat din sa mga lakad! Wahaha!

      2. Huhuhu! Di ko pa iniisip eh :)))) Tengene talaga, ayoko sa banko :)))) Gusto ko parin magaral eh sa TESDA… Di pa kami nagiinquire dun kaya di ko alam anong sched dun :)))) If ever, either part time or full time ako maghahanap… siguro depende narin sa TESDA sched xDD

        Kung ganun, paano ka magaapply? As bankteller ba? Or ano pa ba ibang position pwede i-apply? Wala tlga akong alam hahahhaha :(

        Hindi pa ako nagiisip magbigay resume eh… Kelan kaya ako hahanap… Ttry ko bukas siguro maghanap ulit xD

        Ey tulog na me! Bye muna! huhuhuhu!!! :(( :))))))) Goodluck sa job hunting whenever! :))))

      3. hahahahaha haba ng reply ah!!!

        tanong mo muna yung tesda kung ano yung sched nila at after mo malaman, dun ka na makakapag adjust ng trabahong gusto mong kunin like if mag part time ka or mag full time (gaya ng kwento ni sir daradar sa straman sa music lessons niya sa st scho). Or other way around, trabaho then tesda :)) kung ano mas feel mo gawin as of now :)) nasa sayo naman yan eh :))

        hahaha di ko alam kung anong gusto ko. ayaw ko teller </3 :)) gusto ko sth pero di ko din alam kung pano mag start eh :)) bahala na kung ano ibigay nila.

        sige sige haha goodluck! di pa din ako eh.. YOLO katamad kaya umalis bahay xD

        sige sige good night!!! <3 :))

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