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Birthday Letter from a Friend.

Good morning, Lira! Happy birthday! :))

I actually reserved this day for spending time with you since you invited me to hang out today but I heard from Armicha you were in Bicol already? /:))

Anyway, thanks for having been an awesome friend! I know it’s been difficult to keep in touch when we hardly ever get to see in real life and I don’t get to notice you as much as I used to online because I only go online these days whenever I have something to do or something to communicate or let out but you should know that if ever you need me, I am but a text or PM away although it might take me a few hours to respond via text or a day or two via PM~ :)) (Such run – off sentence, such wow. :))) Anyway, I don”t know when our paths will cross next since you guys no longer have any class but I hope that we still manage to keep in touch every now and then (and finally get to do all those stuff we planned out from eons ago! :)) Except ice skating. Because I apparently suck in ice skating, I crey and my body feels so drained after having tried it out for the first time yesterday. :’)) Sorry I didn’t get to have my first time with you guys as planned! DD:)

Anyway, I hope you’re always happy and that your life will be more and more blessed as you grow older. I know you haven’t mentioned any of this to me but I heard you have a flourishing lovelife in the works? /:)

I hope that goes swimmingly as well! :)

Anyway, I hope that every endeavour you get into will either makeyou stronger, more secure, or happier. :)

Also, I really hope that we can keep in touch and communicate more often! I feel like we haven’t said much to each other in a year! D’:

And I hope we can stay good friends even if it’s just in our minds though I really aspire for that veil of awkwardness between us to just dissipate. :’))

Thanks for having been a part of my life! :)) I haven’t told this to anyone but I actually bring a picture of you and Armicha to bring me strength everyday. HAHAHA. :))

You are someone to look up to and I really hope that one day I will turn out as successful as you are so I can trudge the same paths as you again. :))

Ingat and keep safe always!~ :D

And once again, happy birthday! :)

My reaction:Cryinggifs_01_1


I received another one from a friend haha which also made me burst into tears. Haha my reaction was the same. Makes me want to hug these friends of mine. Haha such a sweetie. (Although, in our friendship, we don’t normally do hugs. As friends, we’re not really sweet and we’re okay with that. Hehe.)



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