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WIP: Dating Game. I Quit! >_<

Okay, so I’m making this dating game featuring one of my favorite Kpop boy group, B1a4. Yup, a dating game. This is actually the second dating/ love game that I am currently working on. The first one was BTS. BTS Love Love Game’s still work in progress. And I don’t know if I’d continue it still. It was one of those moments when I didn’t feel like reading nor doing anything in the net yesterday that I decided to make one. It was rushed and I patterned it on a visual novel which I’ve actually played before: A Dream of Summer in which it focuses on the storyline and the player takes control on how things will end. As BTS is my number 1 list on my favorite kpop group idols, whenever I test the game, my heart would melt. For this 2nd dating game of mine, I tried a different approach. For me, I find it somehow unique as I didn’t have to pattern any dating sims/ visual novels I’ve played before into making this game. However, as with the case of BTS Love Love Game, as I tried to work on things, I get stuck on certain events. Now, I’m having a headache cuz I don’t know how to make the story progress anymore. BTW, for this game, my youngest sister, who’s more obsessed with this boy group, and I actually collaborated. We talked for 2 hours yesterday from 12 midnight ’til 2 in the morning in just making a plot. Boy! We realized we didn’t have imagination or so we lacked! Now, I’m getting demotivated. OTL.


Here’s the game so far. It’s actually only made through MS Powerpoint. I know Flash and Renpy are tools to make a visual novel, but I wasn’t really that serious into making this one. It’s all for fun so do expect how amateur the game will be. It’s not made by a professional. TuT

B1a4 Dating Game timeline

You lose


What have I been doing with my life?


I should probably get back into my reading log…




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