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Why can’t I simply forget about you even when I’ve been trying hard to? Why do you still like to keep appearing on my dreams?  Is it possible that I have already developed feelings for you? I must admit that I get to miss you every now and then especially because we had some unforgettable, unbelievable times together. But I never really accepted you. Had I did, things would have been different.

I walked away and so you’re gone. This vacation had long since trailed off into empty days and boredom. I said to myself that I’d better find someone to cheer me up or else I’ll go nuts if I’ll always be thinking of you. I tried to focus my attention on other things such as watching movies with friends, playing different kinds of sports and most recently, going back to my hometown in the province. To be honest, the reason why I really went back to my hometown last week was to meet up and hang out with my high school friends and hence, to actually make me pre-occupied, yet of to no avail!

If this is how couples feel after a break up, then I’d never want to fall again, and enter into a relationship of any sort. I’m afraid that I’d end up getting hurt twice as much as the emptiness and sadness I’m feeling now.

My feelings for you are slightly confused. That’s why I don’t know the answer to the question, “why do I feel like this about you?”



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