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I gots a new wallet after whut? 6 years, maybe? The last time I used was when I was in second year high school when I went abroad to study Mandarin with some of my batchmates. After that, I didn’t ever use that wallet. Mom specially bought it for that tour only.

I don’t know. It’s rather inconvenient for me to use one. I like to stuff all of my money inside the left pocket of my jeans. While I use the other side pocket in stuffing my LRT card/ credit card (any cards in general for that matter), and my phone. I think that it’s more safer that way than putting my belongings inside a bag, cuz that’s what thieves usually target to get a hold of in the first place.

I’m a very cautious person so I stuff all of the money I’m carrying not only in the pocket of my jeans but recently, I’ve been putting my money inside a brown envelope, and this envelope’s inside a clear pocket folder. I bring this folder along whenever I go. When I pay inside a fast food restaurant, when I pay my classmate, when I need to bring extra cash, when I go to malls, or a sleepover, I carry the folder whenever I go. You see, I like to diversify the cash.

Anyways, my friends have noticed this. But I didn’t really mind them. Haha they told me to get a new wallet but I just tell them that I don’t like to. I don’t know what enticed me, but I actually got pretty excited when I saw this lying around our dinner table. I told mom a while ago before she went shopping that I wanted to have a wallet. She asked me what style. I told her that any will do. I also have so many membership cards now, too, tbh. I can now put them all in. Yay. But I might put them back inside my cabinet when I go out in public. It’s so pretty. It’s actually inside a box, but I got too excited to open it and not care. I only want the wallet and I want to use it as soon as I get employed in the future, and fill it up with cash.



I also like the color maroon as a wallet. Having one makes me feel more mature and more in control of the cash I have to allocate weekly:)



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