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I’m here at Solaire right now. I’m watching Danger MV by BTS on my friend’s laptop, while asking my cousin about the CFA level 1 exam on FB chat. He suggests that I take the June level 1 exam next year and register now so as to avail a discount. But it’s kind of heartbreaking because to register, I have to pay a registration fee of more or less, P50K. Huhuhu-

Wait someone’s at the door. I heard the doorbell rung. I’ll go check it out first.

Okay, peeped into the door whole, and I saw a guy- a good looking one (why.) He was a cleaning service staff. I told my friend about it while she’s taking a bath. She told me to tell the guy “later na lang daw”. –

Okay back to CFA. I guess I need to ask mom first tomorrow when she visits us here in Manila tomorrow. *Sigh* It’s no joke, the CFA exam that is. (It’s pricey and kind of hard, too).

Now, my blockmate just sent me a notification.

He sent me an invitation to an event.

I checked what it was.


It’s a beach outing. A 3 day event. From September 1st to September 4th. That leaves me celebrating my birthday not with my family but with other people.

I’m turning twenty in 2 weeks by the way.

I checked the other members who were invited…

Oh, bother! They’re my blockmates. Yay.

Tbh, I’m not really close with my block. So, I’m kind of hesitating. But I’m also thinking that it’s my last year in college and I won’t ever have to meet them again in the future. Ever again. So…

It still depends. I just hope that Issa, the person whom I used to hang out with, would go.

Time to doll up. My friend and I are going downstairs later and talk to MG. She has to extend and renew the card. We’re staying here until 12noon tomorrow. I want to come along because I want to check the pool at the 5th floor, too.



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