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Dark Souls 2

I’m watching this as I eat my lunch today. Lel. Idk. Everytime I get stuck at a certain quest, I always search for walkthrough videos on Youtube.

I’m playing at the 15:51 in the video a while ago this morning. But I jumped thru the hole and got myself killed by 2 hollows. Then I got too scared to even continue, so I quit.

BTW, I just started playing yesterday when I was so bored surfing the net. I wanted to play sth. I tried loading Battlefield, but I still need to load and update Origin. I also looked for Splinter Cell but I think kuya already deleted the game. :( So, I tried it yesterday and I enjoyed customizing my avatar. I tried the “Bandit” class. And then today, I decided to play new game, and tried “Knight” woot. I guess its much more simpler for me to attack close-ranged than long-ranged haha cuz I panick easily when there’s an enemy nearby that I can’t aim properly. haha

Now, I’m watching this again so that I’d know where to go, what to do once I play again, and hence, progress in the game. I apologize for being a newb. I’m sorry I’m not that good. 



4 thoughts on “Dark Souls 2

  1. I never thought of playing this game :O the intro looks so creepy, specially with that old lady. After reading this post I might try this game hehe. You remind me so much of myself! whenever I get lost or don’t know what to do, I try and try and then I watch walkthrough xD

    1. When I visited your blog, I noticed that you like to play Guild Wars and online games. Lol, I know a friend who’s into guild wars too. I haven’t tried it yet… xD Is it any good? Cuz I just try those games which my brother has in his desktop when I don’t have anything to do. I can DL games if I ask for permission only. XD

      Hahaha. Cuz I usually skip the intros and don’t read so I get lost most of the time. xD Haha:)

      1. I was playing guild wars 2 few minutes ago, it’s amazing. You can watch trailers about the game on YouTube. :3

        Now ..that.. what happens when you skip <.<

      2. Is it hard? I’ll try it maybe since I’m on vacation right now.. xD I’m done with school, btw, just waiting for graduation UnU After that, I’m a working girl… TuT

        haha i’m sorry… xD

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