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BTS August 2014 Comeback: Dark & Wild

Lol. My sister and I were just spazzing over BTS a while ago.

I’ve been hooked up on this boy group since their Just One Day MV. Among all of their mvs, this is my favorite.

OMG! I actually had three biases. 

1. The first one’s Jin (at 3:05 in the MV above):

I want to bite your lips. I'm sorry. Pls don't judge.
I want to bite your lips. I’m sorry. Pls don’t judge.

2. And next, the bias ruiner, V. (at 1:37 in the MV above).

OHmy… <3


I’m sorry I’m gay


3. And last is the maknae/ visual, Jungkook (at 1:00 in the MV above.)



Then I played Dark Souls 2 for a little while. Then got stuck on a quest, and died a few many times, so I got bored and quit the game.

Then when I searched for BTS in Google, I learned that they’re to have a comeback this August!!! On the 20th to be exact. 


OMG! And they’re to release their first full album, Dark & Wild! MYOHMY.

I’m listening to one of their soundtracks right now, and I love it already! OHMG.

And here’s a teaser for their upcoming mv, Danger.

OMG I’m so tempted to pre-order the album but I need to calm down and think things thru. I don’t have enough savings anymore! :( :))




And here’s a reaction video of non-kpop fans for my next fave mv of the same boy group, Boy in Luv. :)



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