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I’m so sorry. I just got mad and got a little bit carried away yesterday. Honestly, I was the one who got caught up with my feelings. But it’s all over now. It’s just that I get mad easily, but I also forgive easily. I just can’t stay mad over someone for a long time. But now that you posted an ’emo speech ahead’ in the group, I was like ‘awww’ and felt like I needed to hug you and thank you for all your hardwork. I’m sorry I even backstabbed you the last minute when we’re almost there. As a group, we couldn’t accomplish being one of the nominees, if you weren’t there. So I’m sorry really. You’re my friend and I’m proud of you, and I’m proud of all of us. You’re also really hardworking from the start until the last, and we all did our fair share in the paper. So no issues. I’m so sorry really.  And I felt super disappointed at myself for even being mad at you. But it’s all okay now. I’m sorry and I love you dear xx


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