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I used to be thrifty as a kid. What happened suddenly?

So apparently, our 415-545pm class/ CONBANK was freecut. I didn’t study for the quiz a while ago so I was in luck. The quiz’s gonna be postponed to Tuesday. Yay!

I intentionally planned that after class, I was to go home and get my glasses fixed at some mall nearby. The screw’s on the loose so the right lense would fall off everytime I bend over to pick something on the floor. I was also planning on cutting my 745-915pm class if ever. But since CONBANK was freecut, I immediately didn’t hesitate to go home. I rode a jeep, walked, and then rode another jeep to get to the mall I was headed to.

I brought with me my credit card cuz I thought that having eyeglasses fixed would cost at most one thousand pesos. But, to my surprise, the lady only charged me P20 and the service was pretty quick, too. After that, I bought a chocolate cake as a late birthday gift for a friend since I didn’t give her anything for her birthday. We’re meeting tomorrow along with her CSB friends and watch Guardians of the Galaxy. I was feeling a bit hesitant at first cuz I don’t want to hang out with a group of people I haven’t even met yet. But since I’ve nothing to do tomorrow, and my bf and I just broke up so now we think that he’s contacting my friend (jk there was never an “us” to begin with), and I miss that feeling of meeting up, going outdoors every weekend and spending time getting to know more about one another, I decided that I might as well go and meet new people just to get rid of the memories that I’ve shared with him. I realized that I only go outside when he invites me, and he’s the only one whom I’ve been hanging out recently oooo. 

Anyways, I don’t really feel like it but things aren’t the way they used to be. And I need to move on. 

Btw, I’m also kind of hesitant because I just realized how I’m financially distressed right now. Half of my savings have been used up cuz I’ve been squandering most of them on food when I and my friend eat outside for lunch in Taft. I have insufficient baon to cover costs and I’m just relying on my savings to cover up my expenses. My total liabilities exceed my total assets. I still owe my sister the cash I borrowed from her to finance the phone I bought as a replacement for the phone I lost. And I’m in a negative net worth position. Just yesterday, even if I only allocated P120 for food, I spent P210 for meryenda/snacks only (cuz we both had our lunch on our respective homes). Wicked oreos (yum!), and pasta carbonara in Flaming Wings. I don’t like spending and I know I have to penny pinch on food, but I love eating. But I get sad when I use my money up. But food > money. No no no. I’m getting the marginal utility when I buy food but get depressed after learning how much I overspend on snacks and lunch. On the average, over the first five months this year, according to my expense tracker, food consumes about 1/3 or, to be exact, 33.78% of my allowance. I bet this will still increase because the person I hang out with now likes to eat hehehe xx


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