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Photos from my old phone.

Some photos taken from my old phone. Decided to import them here in WP before my account in Molome gets deactivated because of inactiveness. Yeah, I accidentally destroyed my 8-month-old phone (which was actually a replacement for the phone which got stolen from me in the LRT when I was in my 2nd year in college) last May. Of course, my parents don’t know this. And I’ve no intention to tell them. #bad05GsGY9AiuhD9zCwPj77FWln2yITfv0xqVoR4JsViJ03hWn000wkpA7tLTWb4NfnB57nRv4d5jXfJf0PTggE5r9NNy0RCorX0Wdzh991T4gt4Q50ZD8M1epy9pIKUV6AHeUH930Tvz4Ngtd14AZ1RO9wW4b10lGhuw2BUFQv34eLUE523o8I99i6tJ3exdIN2gcE5q2mYeEE4vGokU0WTwJt0fA9uP5gvCoX2nqtv56KE6Ks2bm8QY7jPWCh2isfPT13PMEQ9O1bTd99pEtR4F4LjZ0rked10jJxAr13Kizx9my9WB6RzykJ4Pjqyp

00A6mjI used to like taking pictures using my phone before. My photos are pretty much hyped in the Molome community (sort of like Instagram but for Symbian users). Also, I’ve made a great number of followers there, too. I’m starting to miss being active there now.







All photos captured since I first set foot in college. (c) Lastraindrop


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