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This is what I really want. Ever since I was 10.

Ever since I first held a violin and played the piano.

The first piece that I learned.

The first day I got enrolled and was taught by a music teacher, Madame Hidalgo.

It was summer of the year 2004.

Met my first love, a veteran in both the piano and violin.

Before the class ended, I learned how to read music notes.

My mom came to fetch me up.

Before we left, I joyously announced that I knew how to play the piano.

“Mama, tatao na po ako mag-piano!” “Mama, I know how to play the piano!”

I played to her the “Lupang Hinirang”, the National Anthem of the Philippines.

That moment, I was inlove.

Before summer ended, I had my first ‘concert programme’ in Unibersidad de Sta. Isabel auditorium.

2005. 5th grade.

I enrolled to a violin class for a 2 week seminar in Unibersidad de Sta. Isabel again.

Got a new teacher. (Was it Mr. Rebustillo from Manila?)

Back then, I love piano more than the violin.

I really urged my parents to buy a piano or sth in which I could play and practice at home after every session.

They bought home an organ during the year of 2006.

I was in 6th grade.

Our love

After lunch, I played the piano to my father because he wanted to hear me play.

I started doing some self study.

Minuet in G, Pachelbel’s Canon were my favorites.

Also played in school’s gymnasium as a member of the SJS Fiddler’s Group.

2007, I got a new teacher again. Sir Cecilio or more commonly known as Sir Ciloy.

He’s an inhouse music teacher. He taught me the violin at home every 10am. I didn’t care if I haven’t take a bath nor was still in my pyjamas.

He loved to teach me OPM and wrote the music pieces I had to learn on my worksheet.

He didn’t teach me the book. :(

And I wouldn’t forget his huge eyes.

During summer of 2007, I played as a solo violinist at the introduction of the programme.

Remembered how I was semi-confident and semi-nervous as I set foot on the stage.

Saw how the sisters/nuns infront of me chatted, and commended my performance.

And also had the chance to play for the first time at the stage in another program with my love accompanied with his musically-inclined siblings. He played the piano, I played the violin, and his brother played the bass, the sister played the violin, too.


I stopped learning the piano, but still did some self study.

Dad bought home an original copy of

Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra cd. 

I liked to play it on the radio at home and listen to it when I’ve nothing to do. My dad also plays it inside the car during our 8-hour trips from Naga to Manila.

Listening to the cd, and how the orchestra played. I wanted to study and be a member. Back then, I imagined myself playing with the orchestra and become as great as them in the future. They’re great on playing OPMs and I really feel sad when I hear their songs. My emotions get carried away easily when I listen to them. My dad and I liked to listen to the CD, and never got bored with it even if my little sisters whined.

Don’t you just like to hear it?

2009, I continued to play. Rarely.

And I wasn’t enrolled in any program anymore.

During one reunion, my father once asked me to play for the whole family. It was dad’s wish. So I played infront of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

They applauded but I was really shy and teary eyed after I performed. Didn’t want that to happen again. *Not used to attention and all. Cuz during reunions, I don’t even bother talking to cousins unless they talk to me first, yeah. I’m horrible at socializing. TuT

But still, I practiced the piano but still played the violin when dad asked me to play for him after his work on our living room. I can see dad’s happiness on his face and started asking me to teach him what strings to stroke etc. lol

2010, due to inactiveness, my violin was sold to a mom’s friend.

Self studied some anime songs by downloading music sheet on the internet, and watching some videos on Youtube.

2011. College.

Took up Finance.

Joined Lasallian Youth Orchestra as a violinist when I was a frosh. But quit soon after.

Because of the required residence and rigorous practice and training every 6 to 9pm especially when there’s an upcoming concert.

During summer breaks or Christmas, I go home to our province.

I still play the piano and learn new songs I like in Zelda.


I’m graduating from college.

And I think I want to study music again.

Get enrolled to some short courses.

I would love how to play the violin and piano again.

This time, I want to master playing them.

I studied for 3 years, but they were on and off.

And I never really even progressed because of switching profs, and having a new set of module.

I didn’t progress that much in the book, too.

Kind of sad, no?

And then when I was stalking our thesis adviser’s profile in Facebook, I saw he’s post.

He’s studying the violin.

I wondered where.

And saw

Manila Symphony Orchestra Music Academy.

I checked its Facebook page.

And saw the post I set on my featured image.

Heck, I’m graduating this October.

I’m wondering how much the rates are if I enroll this April.

Might as well grab the discount they’re offering for the early birds.

Cuz I want to pursue that dream and learn more and be more good in playing.

Recently, just a few days ago, I stumbled on this video in my facebook newsfeed.

Watched it.

And then started watching all of his videos.

He’s so awesome.

And he plays the violin so easily and flawlessly.

That I wanted to become one!

Oh! Oh! How I wanted to play like that someday! TuT

It’s never too late to work on my dream again, right?

And now I wonder what could’ve happened if I studied piano and violin non-stop and consecutively ever since I enrolled as a beginner?



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