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Okay okay. So, enough of this drama. Haha. I need to set my priorities straight. That is, studies THESIS first before anything else. :))

Tomorrow at 10am, would be the group’s mock defense with our thesis advisor. And I’m done with the powerpoint. But! I still have a lot to read and gather more information about our topic as much as possible. And practice my part on the presentation.

mio nervous


  1. Read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 11 of the book I borrowed on the library.
  2. Take down notes and list possible questions that the panelists might ask.
  3. Read other studies conducted.
  4. Read our paper.
  5. Practice my part of the powerpoint.
  6. Watch a video on the software we used and study how it works.
  7. Read the other book I borrowed again for the methodology.
  8. Research more about the field, its impact, and its significance on the economy.
  9. Sleep. Take a nap.

Okay. So… I gotta go!




*Just an update!

It’s 5:50 am right now, and I haven’t got any sleep yet. Huhuhu. So far, I’m on #4 on the list. Time to practice my ‘speech’ later. And I’ll make sure to go to sleep at 6:30 and wake up at 8am. TuT


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