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Lol, just saw this image xD I remember myself being in that sleeping position when we last had our thesis overnight over some friend’s house. Hahaha. It was already 3am. And we were still doing thesis. I told them that I was just going to rest for five minutes. And then they woke me up, told me that it was time to sleep, and found myself in that position.

How long was I asleep?

They were already packing their things up, and closed their laptops.

I was asleep for 30 minutes. xD

Okay, time to watch ep 321 of OP!  ♥ ♥ ♥

And after that arc, will have to prepare for tomorrow’s mock defense and edit the group’s ppt~

Have to be creative with the ppt. And I’ll volunteer for that task since, not to boast but, I’m good with it (with the visuals and making ppt presentations xD even my supervisor in ojt commended me for it hahaew). LOLOLOL.


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