Snob me. :))

As soon as i got home, I played with truff immediately. I wasn’t aware that I was making so much noise that my guy cousin, who happened to be around, had to go down stairs just to see who was making all the ruckus.

“Is Jake already around?” -my cousin
“Not yet.” -my sister
“Who rang the doorbell?” -my cousin
“Ate Rox.” -my sister

Moments of silence…

“Hoy, Roxanne.”
I didn’t actually hear what he said but I guess it was something like that. What I only clearly heard was “Roxanne”. So I just stared at him for 2-3 seconds, I think. Then went back into playing with Truff.

He was silent again. I guess he was waiting for my reply. And then went upstairs.

“Why didn’t you greet back?” -my sister
“I didn’t hear him exactly.” -me

Now, my sister told me things which made me guilty blah blah blah. That I’m such a snob, ek ek. Am sorry. I have hearing problems. xD


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