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Dinner woot

Yay! Was treated again last night by a friend. haha this is the second time I went with her together with her family. The first one was when her mom informed my friend to invite me. And for last night, it was totally unplanned. It was already 730pm and we rode a taxi to moa. And ate at a buffet. I slept at her house the same night. Now I’m super tired and sleepy but still surfing the net. It was also somewhat embarrassing and I feel so indebted because the price for the food is no joke. Like _k, according to her, per head. My eyes widened. Was she serious? Nahiya naman ako. haha next time ayaw ko na kumain sa mga ganyan kamahal… haha palibre lang me eh :)) feel ko ang laki laki ng utang ko. 


Ang scary! :)) Ba’t ako sumasama sa mga ganyan? UnU 


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