Want to make visual novels! Muahaha! And I have a lot of ideas already. I’m considering working on Renpy but then again, I think I need to start from basic programming software like Macromedia flash.

Like OMG, my friend’s birthday’s two weeks from now! Gotta surprise her with a super short flash game TROLOLOL. xD Just super short, since I have zero experience on this. xD After that, when I get more acquainted with it, I’d have this other idea! Muahaha! It’s a also for a friend’s birthday. xD Muahaha! >:] But my other friend suggested that I should try Renpy than Macromedia flash, since it has less codes. Idk. I haven’t tried Renpy yet, so yeah.

But when I was in my 2nd year in high school, I had animation lessons in our computer class. So I think, it’s easier for me. xD ( I remember animating a Ragnarok swordsman- F doing a Magnum Break on falling porings xD. Didn’t finish the animation tho, only got to work on falling porings xD).

I still have more “projects” in mind.

I’ve written stories in high school. My first “novel” I’ve written AND finished, was “Fantasia” when I was 13. TROLOLOL. I asked my younger sister to find that orange notebook of mine and let her keep it, so that when I get back to Naga, I’d start working on the VN. WOOO! :))

So that’s:

– 2 birthday gifts,

– and my “Fantasia” story.

– I also have an unfinished-I-dont-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next story. It’s Percy Jackson inspired, and the chapter was actually here in my blog. TROLOLOL. I don’t know if I should continue it or not.

– My super duper dramatic- slice of life novel. :0 I’m stuck with developing my characters. Characters need to have defined personality. And THEY’RE really important. Tho, I still have no idea what the plot is going to be.

– Lastly, I’m reading and studying for my International Finance subject since my exam’s 2 days from now. :0 And I’ve stumbled on something really interesting. OHMYGLOB. Ideas are overflowing! It’s a total WHAT IF situation. Set in the late 19th century, the President of the Republican Party (aka Democratic Party) of the United States won the election. U.S. would’ve adhered to bimetallism together with China. If that were the case, U.S. wouldn’t have conformed to the Gold Standard. If that happened, there would be no Great Depression nor U.S. stock market crash in 1929 because of the Smoot-Hayley Act, no World War 2. (Well that’s accdg to the book I’ve read.) Gotta have some more sources tho. AAH! I want to explore this possibility and retell the story thru a visual novel. But yeah, I think it will take YEARS before I complete this. xD I’m in my last year in college, after all. So I have to work twice/ thrice on my studies. D: And I still have to really work on the plot, the scripts, the art, the programming, the bg, and sound effects and all. xD I still hope that I’m this inspired so that these projects happen. :0


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