RIP Phone!

I just lost my third phone this college.

Last Thursday, after my grad pictorial, I went to the comfort room to pee, and remove my make up afterwards ( I don’t like wearing heavy make up. Oh dear, no.) When I was about to pee, my 6 month old phone fell plunging down to the toilet. Funny cuz, the night before, when my friend’s blockmate and I were going home from school on our way to LRT2, I told her about how my bag slipped and fell on the toilet and I haven’t flushed the pee of whomever it was. She then told me that her cousin’s phone also fell into a toilet when smartphones weren’t invented yet.

Anyways, I found myself almost crying cuz I bought it with my own money. And I even took a loan from my sister in order to pay the half amount. D: Until now, I haven’t paid her in full. xD I oughta pay her right after I graduate, which is only 2 terms away, btw! o.O xD

I forced myself to pick it up from the toilet after 5 seconds or so. Disassembled it and dried it with tissue. I tried turning it on but it wouldn’t. I have such bad luck to begin with. D: Anyways, I’m borrowing my sister’s phone right now even tho I have another phone. My dad and bro brought it in SM Mega the last time Dad visited us here in Manila. But I don’t want to bring it with me to school ever since I’ve experienced my phone getting stolen in the LRT. 4N, 6S, 1N, 2S, 3N. xD