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National Bookstore up to 70% off on selected books?!

Okay, so my sister tagged me yesterday night in a post about National Bookstore having a sale on its selected books.

I had to go to class today because of 2 make up classes because of the one week suspension last week. After my last class, Fintmed, I decided to stay at school first with friends. After eating, we went to NBS and we didn’t really notice that it was already dark outside.

We got dismissed at 530 pm in our last class. Then we ate and went to NBS. We knew that there was a sale eh. And when I asked them what time it was, they told me that it was already 7pm.

All of us were having so much fun inside. Yes. Our fun time = talking about books and wandering inside the bookstore. We didn’t buy anything, tho. We talked about books we’ve read and books we want to read. xD I have a goodreads account, and I haven’t updated it. The last book I read (but didn’t finish) was The Great Gatsby. It’s a classic and the reason I tried to read it was because it was mentioned in Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. So I urged to read it. I borrowed the book in our library and I expected to finish it in two weeks, but because I am torn between watching anime, and drawing (and school works), I haven’t got the time to move on until I got to chapter 3. D:

I’m sure I’ve set to read 12 books this year in my Goodreads account. I think The Great Gatsby’s supposedly my 7th book, but no, I returned it to the library already. Perhaps, 2 weeks ago. I got tired of renewing the book every 2 weeks, so yeah.

Anyways, when I got back home. I decided to go straight ahead to National Bookstore Katipunan Branch. Compared to the bookstore in Taft, our branch has a wider set of books.

I was looking for Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. I’ve been wanting to read it since I was in my last year in high school. I didn’t ask any of the sales clerks there. I guess I’ll just have to find the book in another branch. And also, I saw this book, this Alchemist series. It was 70% off! From P600+ to only P137 only! I’ve also wanted to read that since when I was in my senior year. (My high school friends are bookworms, and they told me that the series was good!)

The sale’s until September 8, and I am really going back next Sunday after I get my baon for the week. xD I’m not going to use my savings from now on. xD So, I’ll just have to minimize my expenses on food next week. (Cuz I always end up using my baon for food lol xD)

Super interested in these! haha joke! I also got to reminisce Shiloh, my first book ever when I was in first year in high school. That one book was required for our English class. We were to write a book review. I also saw Treasure Planet! My feels! It’s my favorite movie! I wonder why there’s no one else out there who likes the movie as much as I do! D: Even if I have to rewatch it a thousand times, I would never get tired of it, and I’m sure to cry even when I don’t force myself. Tears automatically come rushing down to my cheeks when I watch that movie.ImageImageImage

ImageAnyways, I left the bookstore at 15 minutes to 9. And went back to our place. xD I was supposed to go home at 6:30pm but that’s just how I like “bystanding” and spending my time in bookstores.

I remember going to the same bookstore in Katipunan branch right after I got home from school and read an unsealed 1Q84 by Murakami. Got super curious about that author at that time (because I stalked a crush who’s a voracious reader and read his blog about how he wanted to read Murakami books. And that’s how I got familiar with the author lol). I stayed there until the bookstore closed at 9pm.

Okay. Now I have to eat dinner! xD


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