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It’s 4:30 in the morning right now. I’m studying (more like cramming) for a quiz on our Financial Econometrics! I’m at Chapter 5 of the book and I’m trying to understand and reread it, but I just can’t understand anything! The topic’s about multiple regression ek ek. The quiz’s on Thursday. And I still have to go through to 2 more chapters, plus ppt lectures, and my notes! But I have no time to study today (Wednesday) since I have night classes every M-W! ALSkfj Huhuhu! I’ve planned on sleeeping at 5 am today. And I still got 30 mins to read our reading assignment for law which is about Partnerships and Corporations. Every meeting, our prof would randomly select 6 students. And for a span of 10 mins, that selected student have to answer the prof’s questions until she’s satisfied with your answer. KAjkLF! I also have another quiz in line for Thursday which is FMANACC! ASKFLKJDF! I haven’t even browsed the book yet even during class discussions! >:D

Ahh, the perks of cramming and procrastinating. Now that I’m taking up majors, I get more and more inclined to be lazy! I never was this lazy back when I was a frosh/ 2nd year college. D: What is happening to me?? I guess… I haven’t really focused on my acad works… I just can’t balance orgs/ gimmicks/ school works/ requests to do in dA anymore.

Totally in sabaw mode right now. Aaand, there’s INTFINA. Don’t get me started with that.

This weekend again, I am going to be really busy. I can’t even finish the Great Gatsby even though I planned to finish it this weekend.

I have:

-orgs to attend to

– requests to accomplish

study? read great gatsby? read manga recommended by a friend? watch anime?I can’t do all of them this weekend. I am busy as bee! D:>