Text message from someone!

From: *Toot* (Name cannot be mentioned)

27/05/2013 09:05:44 AM

“Hi, Lira~

I’ve heard you’ve heard from A. OTL

Well, it’s kind of true that I’m transferring to Mindanao, but I am trying to get to talk to the Vice Dean because… I guess I don’t exactly want to leave. :))

Anyway, I’m at school today actually. Went here after I got off the plane. This has been my third trip back and forth to Manila for two weeks. OTL

Anyway, I’d like to thank you for all the friendship you’ve given to me for the past year. I remember our “anniversary” – the day I first met you. It was May 23, if I remember correctly, and we were seatmates for FINMAN1. It was really too great of a coincidence to have a person for half of your classes for any particular term, especially since we weren’t of the same course. :)

I plan to shift, if I manage to convince the Vice Dean to let me back in La Salle. -_-

The first day I met you, I thought you were going to have a consistent personality- quiet, reserved, smart. It was my first impression of you. HAHAHA. It was aight~ To an extent. You are smart. The quiet and reserved bit a lie. No offense. :))

It was really fun though, having someone to go home with almost every other school day. And you were kind of like me – weird, loud, and sort of crazy – once the formalities were done with.

Whee~ No offense again! But it wqs (sic: was) really fun to have met you. ^_^

I hope we find ways to keep in touch if I can’t find a way to stay in La Salle for this term. (will probably try to stay again next term anyway)

Even if we don’t manage to keep in touch, thanks so much for all the fun memories and the warm friendship!

For complimenting my story though I’ll never finish it! ^_^

Thanks for letting me stay by your side for so long! Even though I’m pretty much useless almost all the time! @-)) Ingat ka palagi!”

What went after that was a series of dramatic messages overload. Hahaha! We call it the “Maalala-ala mo kaya~ episode” Hahaha! Reading the text messages now which I especially sent as a reply makes me laugh. Ang cheezy! We could really enter the “letters” we’ve just exchanged in MMK. xD

At first I didn’t know how to respond since I just woke up and still felt a bit groggy. (I replied with only my right eye opened. The left one was closed.) But I forced myself to reply as honestly and as openly as I could that tears were pouring on my left cheek when I was typing my message.

I won’t post the messages I’ve sent nor what followed after. MEHEHE! >:))


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