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Enrolled> Movie> What now?

Ahh… I was done enrolling this noontime at last *grins*

I brought a book with me during the 1-hour trek school and vice versa, but I didn’t read any.

I also watched two, non-chick-flicks today.

One was Fight Club (1999) -> Funny xD. I remember my friend teasing me how I haven’t watched the movie when we were having our powerpoint presentation, and she saw what files were in my USB. So now, I watched it. I found it in my bro’s laptop. It was good, and I didn’t imagine that Brad Pitt was only an imaginary friend of the insomniac protagonist.

And the other was Gangster Squad (2011) -> Got bored during the first 20 mins, but I decided to finish it. During the last 20 mins, I thought it was going to be a sad ending, but it didn’t. I also got teary eyed when 2 out of 6 cops died. Huhuhu! Wasn’t aware that the movie was based on a true “story” until when the main protagonist was narrating and explaining stuff. :)))

Both of them have been in my usb for a long time, and the free space was only a few MBs left. I watched the movies first then deleted them. xD


Now what do I do next?

Maybe read a manga in my usb again so that I could delete it after. xD

or watch Naruto. I’m so outdated! I mean I was so addicted to the series back when I was still in 6th grade (that was already 6 years ago). I knew that show even before it got popular. Then my classmates found out, then they all started watching it, and discussing it themselves. My bro let me and my younger sisters watch it, and from the first episode of Naruto, I got immediately engrossed and watched it until season 4. I remember having Tsunade as our desktop computer’s wallpaper, not only that, but also creating a friendster account using Tsunade as the display picture. Haha! What an addict! I miss watching it, and I think Imma watch it now. But I’ll start with Shipudden.

I got to watch some of the first few episodes on Sai, but I got lost with the Akatsukis already. I ain’t that familiar with them anymore. T_T

I’m not watching it because it’s popular. I’ll watch it because I like love it. And I want to reconnect with my past and my “childhood” days. I mean, Naruto, was the first anime I watched without my elder sibs (or was it Shaman King? Loved that anime, too! <33 Watched it without the recommendation/ influence of my bro).

“Without my elder sibs” meaning that they’re already studying college in Manila. Before when I was in 1st grade, my bro (2nd year), and my elder sis(6th grade) would watch altogether Slam Dunk, Ghost Fighter, Flame of Recca in Tagalog dubbed in GMA etc upstairs after getting home from school.

Even now, I like boyish/ shounen-action-filled anime series than shoujo/ girly-harem-lovey-dovey anime series because I started out with shounen anime when I was a kid, influenced by my brother.


Am taking a break into drawing for five days already! xD It all started when I read Norwegian Wood by Murakami. I didn’t draw for days when I was reading it. I devoted my time reading it, instead. I don’t have the urge right now, and I don’t feel that  inspired just yet. But I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’d like to try drawing. They’re Quintessence-related and Tamagotchi-related.

Still not finished with the Quintessence game. So far, I started yesterday, and I’m in Chapter 5 out of 11 chapters.

AND, I’m neglecting Masktchi right now. Got so bummed after not getting the Tama I wanted D:<


3 thoughts on “Enrolled> Movie> What now?

  1. For the record, I was the one who downloaded Fight Club. I reckon, Kuya hasn’t seen it yet. Oh, and you forgot to add Dragon Ball Z and Samurai X (this one’s in AXN, though) ha ha.

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