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What a day to begin with! >:(( :))

*Sigh* I started out my day this morning feeling a little bit disappointed. I have 2 reasons and I’d just make this post short and straight to the point.

  1. I was so mad when my  Young Memetchi evolved into a Masktchi. I was hoping that I’d get Memetchi, so that I’d get Memetchi to evolve into Makiko, a special adult. Young Memetchi stats were: Intelligence: + 53, Style: + 322, and Kindness: 23Judging by the stats of Young Memetchi, she should have evolved to Memetchi. I must have overstyled Young Memetchi that she evolved to a Masktchi. Huhuhu! I want to restart the game again and try my luck with the next baby. But I just have to wait for Masktchi to get a baby, instead.
  2. I finished reading Norwegian Wood at 10:23am, an hour and 37 minutes earlier than planned. Like previously mentioned, I challenged myself to finish it for at least 48 hours/ 2 days. I was actually surprised to finish it for only 46 hours even when I continued to sneak in to use the internet every once in a while. Anyways, I was so disappointed with the book. It was just a “love story”, no more, no less. Huhuhu! It was too narrative, and too chronologically written, and the story just talked about the life of a college boy who loved a diseased girl, and while waiting for that girl to recover, who was his late best friend’s ex, the college boy, Toru Watanabe, met this other girl and soon turned to like her. When the diseased girl, Naoko, committed suicide like what Toru’s bestfriend, Kizuku, did, Toru chose to love the other girl, Midori, in the end. Like okay… I was really expecting that it would be a good book but it wasn’t. Wasted P300 again! :( I don’t know why, after reading the book, a lot of people seem to fuss over it. I just don’t get it. >:| I could just throw the book away, I don’t really mind. It was really awful for my taste. Next in line to Just Ella. :)) Ohwellz. The next time I pick a book, I’ll make sure to read reviews first. Wasted my time for this, too. >:((

I watched the trailer of Norwegian Wood after in Youtube. The movie seemed nice, tho. Toru Watanabe looks good-looking! <3 :))


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