Norwegian Wood!!! Finally I have one!!!!

I like buying books with my own money, and picking them fresh from bookstores.

Today, I’ve finally got and purchased Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood for P299! GAH!!! I was really happy right after I bought it and I don’t regret having spending my spare savings for it. Ever since I’ve found out about Haruki Murakami from reading a classmate’s blog entry which was posted last June, I started searching books written by the author. I’ve found Norwegian Wood and 1Q84 to be the most interesting. I kept on looking for Norwegian Wood in NBS Katipunan, but they seem to be always out of stock. (1Q84 so pricey so I don’t plan on buying that). But TODAY! YES! TODAY’S MY LUCK DAY! When I visited NBS this morning which was around 10, I immediately went to Murakami’s section and went to look for this particular book. I had a hard time finding it and I felt so upset and disappointed that I wanted to ask for the woman working there. But I was shy to approach her so I did another round of searching. I saw The Elephant Vanishes, After Dark, and of course, 1Q84, etc. I couldn’t find any Norwegian Wood!

For I was expecting the cover to be like this:

photo not mine
photo not mine

or this:


But I wasn’t expecting it to be like THIS!

photo by me

I was so stupid, I was standing in front of the set of Norwegian Wood Books! I gradually read in my mind, “N…no…norwe…gian… Wood…” “NORWEGIAN WOOD?!” I laughed at myself after realizing that it was just placed right infront of where I was currently standing.

(Maybe after all this time of searching, I have come across Norwegian Wood in NBS. The problem was I was expecting a different book cover. Looking at it now, reminds me that I’ve seen this cover way too many times already in real life. xD)

I wanted to have 1Q84, too, but I just can’t afford it. It’s around P1K, I think? I remember going inside National Bookstore with no intent of buying anything at all. I just stayed there inside scanning for books I’d like to have in the future. And when I got to Murakami’s section, there was an opened 1Q84, that I started reading it from 1pm til 7pm. I didn’t intend to stay there for that long, but after reading the 1st few pages, I instantly grew fond of it. I’ve managed to read until Chapter 6. When my legs started to become tired from standing when I was reading, I decided to go to the second floor because I’ve spotted a wooden chair in which I could sat on it. I didn’t mind people passing here and there; I just got so absorbed into reading that I didn’t want to go home just yet!

But I guess this one particular guard noticed me that I was a “freeloader” who planned on staying until the store closes who wouldn’t even buy something in the end. He kept walking infront of me to and fro. I got irritated, and I couldn’t concentrate much on reading that I had to go down and return the book to its shelf.

I promised that I was going to return next time and read it again. I don’t plan on buying a P1K trilogy book, I just plan on reading it there for free :))

But when I returned to National, all 1Q84s were covered in plastics. >:| I guess they don’t want customers to take advantage of their books. NBS isn’t like Fully Book in which workers/ guards there won’t even mind the customers comfortably sitting on the chairs and they could spend their time inside the bookstore and read leisurely for hours.

book and photo owned by me

I remember asking Mom if I could buy this book in National Bookstore when I spent my summer break and vacation back in my hometown in Naga. I was that eager to have it because whenever I try to look for Norwegian Wood in NBS Katipunan, they are always out of stock. :| My mom then asked me how much it was. I answered that it was P299.00. I remember trying to convince her that the author’s work, particularly 1Q84, have been translated into 42 languages! But mom still thought for a moment and kept quiet. Like me, mom isn’t really a big reader, and she doesn’t invest on books especially if they’re expensive. She usually goes to Booksale and buy a few books there in one purchase. But her type and mine aren’t usually mutual. She likes detective books, as mentioned previously in this post.

Anyways, thinking about that made me hesitate a little. Mom doesn’t like spending much. So I decided that I’d buy Norwegian Wood with my own money as soon as I got back to Manila. When she finally said that it was okay, I said that I still have 2 more books which I haven’t finish yet. And as much as possible, I don’t like to do book-hopping :)). So I said that it was okay and I’d buy it myself. But she still insisted :)) But I still refused the offer (although I was really tempted into saying okay!) :))

Anyways! Right after posting this, I’d be off the internet/ online world hereto. Give me at least 48 hours/ 2 days to finish it. It’s kinda like a challenge to myself.

Swear, I’ll try to make this successful. xD I’ve managed to do this thing once. When I was reading Hunger Games, and I’ve managed to finish reading it on one weekend. Imagine that I still did connect to the internet at that time, and studied for some acad works.

And when I was sick, I lied on my bed the whole day, and I decided just to read my sister’s book, Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, and I got done with it in one seating. :))

I hope I do the same here. :))


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