Summer Diaries

The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 26

Date: May 14, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Subject: Here she comes! Sun burn!

As soon as I woke up, I felt my arms, shoulders, back, and legs hurt after swimming yesterday. My back also felt itchy. I had to pour some powder on it just to take the itchiness off.

We got to school at 1 in the afternoon since she had to attend a summer class. While I dropped off at the LRT on my way back to Katipunan. I got home at around 3 pm, then surfed the net for a little while then took a bath again.

When I went to remove my clothes, I was having a hard time removing them because it sting, especially the part on my shoulders in which I scraped my skin when I was sliding. I also noticed that my chest, my stomach, my back, my shoulders, and upper leg were super red like ZOMFG! :O :((

Then I drew and used my sister’s tab for it to be uploaded in my DA. Then we went to Rustans to buy our groceries. :I Then we went to this gas station to refill the car’s gas.

My brother saw me when he picked us up in Rustan’s. He told me that I got dark a lot especially my face.

I also learned that in order to reduce the redness of the skin and itchiness, I have to put ice cubes over them/ something cold because my skin got dehydrated. I applied some cool aloe vera my sister let me borrowed.

Then we ate dinner, then I surfed the net again. I was planning to sleep at 12 am, but then it got extended until 4:30 am because I got hooked up in using my deviantart again. :I


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