College · Summer Diaries

The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 25

Date: May 13, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Subject: Club Manila East

Woke up at 5:30 in the morning! Since meeting time was 8 am in La salle’s south gate.

After that we rode a taxi headed to Club Manila East. WOOT!

Good thing, my mom already allowed me to go swimming with them. I just had to tickle her first and make her smile by greeting her a Happy Mother’s Day yesterday twice before we left. I already packed my swimming attire since shirts/ cotton/ shorts aren’t allowed. Only spandex and nylon are allowed.

We got there at 1030am.

I rode at the slide a few times like 5-6 times, so my skin on my right shoulder got scraped T_T. We also tried Kayaking for 4 times until our arms got dead tired from paddling.

The weather was sunny at first, then sometimes it rained, then it got sunny again. I forgot to bring and apply any sunblock. Ohwellz. So I’m all brownish and reddish now since this is my third swimming this summer, too. First was when we went to a waterfall in Sibagwan, then when we went swimming in Cool Wave Complex, then this.

Entrance was only P375 and you can ride anything for free like Kayaking, the ocean waves, and the Muddy River as they like to call it, unlike in Haciendas de Naga in which everything is charged! >:I

Anyways, here are some of the photos from my blockmates/ course-mates :))

Then when it was 6pm, it was time to leave already. My friend asked me to have a sleepover at her place in Paranaque. I texted my brother first if it was okay. He said that it was alright. So I heeded. :))




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