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The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 22

Date: May 10, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Subject: Books

  • Exercised and danced today for I didn’t exercise the past 2 days. I like working out in such a way that as soon as I get started, I couldn’t stop. :)) I like to sweat a lot. But I’m not really expecting that I’d get thinner. I’m just trying to maintain my weight, is all.  Then I took a bath after. =3
  • Mehehe! These are the books I’ve started to read but never got to finish when I was still living in Naga- when I was still a high schooler. These are the books my mom bought and picked fresh from Booksale. But they aren’t really my type of books. So I stopped reading them, more or less, halfway. Except for the Angels and Demons, I borrowed it from my sister when I was a 2nd year high school. It was in Manila back then, but I let her bring it to Naga when she went to visit us during Christmas. I also didn’t finish it. I just watched the movie, instead. :)) My mom told me that the movie was very different with the book. We watched it at the same time some years ago. :)) That’s how movies turn out when they were originally written in a novel form. Books are always better than when they are turned into movies. :i
Angels & Demons, Agatha Christie’s Dumb Witness, Trent’s Last Case, The Tender Bar, The Butler’s Daughter, Mary Poppins

They’re all mystery and suspense, and thriller and murder and killings, and detective-ish, so I don’t like to read them. Mom likes them; I don’t. The Mary Poppins one is from my elder sister. I also didn’t like it. The book consists of mini stories… :)) And also in my Goodreads, I still have a couple of books more I didn’t finish like The Mysterious Benedict Society, and the Lost Hero. Some of them I’ve started reading in college like Chain Mail, the Book Thief, etc. :)) So far, I’ve set a reading challenge this 2013, and I’ve only got to read 1 out of 12. I am lame, I know!

This is also the first book I’ve read and finished when I was in first year high school. We were required to do a book review in our English class so I was forced to finish this. Mehehe! :))


Okay! Now back to reading this shoujo manhwa <333 Time to get kilig! :))


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