Summer Diaries

The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 13

Date: May 1, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Subject: Strict parents are strict.

My mom and dad have always been the overprotective type, which I’m not totally against it. In fact, it feels good that they actually see to it that security over their children is their number one priority. But sometimes, when there are some plans with my high school friends/ college buddies to go places, they would hesitate and explain what might happen, and then restrict me.

  1. I wasn’t allowed to go swimming with my high school classmates this summer vacation.
  2. I wasn’t allowed to  sleep overnight with my cousins in Sagnay at Lola Lyd’s house when I tried to ask my mom even though I meant it as a joke.
  3. Tonight, when we were having our dinner, I asked them if I could go to Laguna with college buddies when I go back to Manila this upcoming 2nd week of May. We were planning to go swimming. Just that. AND there’s no problem with the transportation anymore since my friend’s brother offered to drive us to our wherever our destination would be. Both of them didn’t allow me to go. HUHUHU! I’m already in college so why do they still restrict me? My brother goes to almost anywhere with his friends even without exerting effort when asking them. He’s been to a lot of places. When I do want to enjoy, they’d just say no. They know I rarely go out, but when I do want to go out, they’d restrict me. HUHUHU! When will I have a taste of my own freedom?



Huhu! so true! D:
Huhu! so true! D:


My pet Tamagotchi, named Potch, has now evolved from a male baby to a male teen! I got Hinotamatchi. D: I keep on getting this pet ever since I have a male baby pet. I wanted  young Mametchi. T_T Ohwells. At least it isn’t Kutchipatchi. :))Tamagotchi v4

this tama is on fire! literally! :))
this tama is on fire! literally! :))

4 thoughts on “The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 13

  1. My parents can be like that too, but I know they mean well and now that I’m in uni there are so many opportunities and things to do! I think I shocked them when I said I was going to China for 3 weeks with no one else I knew but they had to deal with it. Now I think they’re just expecting me to do things without their permission so it gets better. Good luck :)

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