To do list!

☑ “Request” on dA by non-personal friend of her OC (As of 3:53pm)

☑  Draw something realistic and not anime art (As of 4:30pm) (Woosh! Drew our dog truff! :))

☑ Pucca x Garu in anime! (As of 6:30pm) (Drew something about Avril Lavigne’s Innocence, and a guy in his uniform in between Truff and Pucca first) (Never actually thought that I’d get back into drawing again! *Q*)

☐ Watch movie saved in usb

☐ Read manga recommended by a friend

☑ Read and finish ChainMail (As of May 21 8:30am) (Drank coffee in order to finish it. I slept at 2:30am and woke up at 5:30am just to read. I’m a slow reader, I know that.)

☐ Play Doppelganger xD

☐ Watch anime my friends ask me to watch (Angel Beats, Ano Hana,  Spice?, etc)

☐ If I have more time, watch K-drama/ Taiwanese Drama (Meteor Garden yo!, Missing you, TTBY, etc!) So many things I’m missing in life!>:(  :))

☐ Tamagotchi cheats!

Must drink coffee!!