Summer Diaries

The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 04

Date: April 22, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Author’s Note: Tinatamad na akong mag summer diaries. :))
Subject: 1st day of “work”
I woke up at 9am today and immediately ate my breakfast then turned on the computer.

I was in a hurry since I still had to go with and help my parents to work from 1pm to 5pm.

I checked a couple of social networking sites I’m a member of, then after that, I watched brave from 1000-1130am.

I then took a bath.

When it was 1220pm, my parents were back home then. Ate lunch. Then off to work.

I just doodled while waiting for the time to hit 5pm.

When it was 5, I went to look for a Kuroko no Basket cd when I passed by a store, but there was non, so I went to a parlor and had my hair trimmed, then went home via trike. And watched Life of Pi. Huhuhu! Nakakaiyak!! :( :))

Curfew at 9:30pm. :||


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