Summer Diaries

The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 05

Date: April 23, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Subject: MLS grades!!!

Yesterday night was the release of our term grades. But because of internet traffic, I couldn’t log on to my account and check them just yet. Also, dad told me that my curfew’s only until 9:30pm. I decided to check it the next morning, which is today.

I’ve been having some bad dreams regarding my test- how I arrived late in taking the exams, how I attended this grade consultation but this prof kept on arguing my grade. etc.

I woke up because of that. =w=

I turned on the computer but dad saw me and told me to eat breakfast first. After breakfast, I logged on to MLS and saw my grades. Huhuhu! They were so low! I was rather a little bit disappointed at myself but I knew my performance for this term doesn’t deserve a high mark.

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous entries, I haven’t been studying a LOT lately like I used to. I’ve been hanging out with friends rather than studying. U_U

So that really means that I couldn’t really balance my social life and my academic life.

Next term for sure, I’m going to really focus with my studies, and should refuse and neglect any invites from friends. T3T :))


*Also went to a spa* :P


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