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The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 03

Date: April 21, 2013
Author: Ria N.
Subject: It Takes a Man and a Woman Movie Date with le galz.

As soon as I got home in Naga at around 7 in the morning, I immediately tried playing DN using the installer I pasted into my USB. Unfortunately, it didn’t work so I just played Doppelganger instead.

My friend, H, knew that I was in Naga today and we promised that we’d go out as soon as I get back here. She suggested that we go see a movie together. I was up for anything so I said that watching a movie was fine.

There were four options available: It Takes a Man and a Woman, GI Joe 2, Spiders, and Oblivion. I wanted to watch Oblivion, but I wanted to watch it Takes a Man and a Woman more than Oblivion. I told her that I want to watch It Takes a Man and a Woman since a lot of people say that the movie was good, and also my mom.

So when it was already 11 in the morning. I stopped playing and contacted some of my other friends by calling them on their phones. Two out of three I invited refused since both of them have exams this upcoming week. Only one of them, J, immediately said that she’d go with us. I also wanted to invite my “gay” friend, D, but then I lost his number using my new phone which I’ve only recently bought. After that, I took a bath, and got ready.

Then, I and my parents ate lunch together.

H was the first one to come and texted me that she was already at the National Bookstore. When I received her text, that’s the time when I left home, and texted her that I was on my way. :)) I only commuted via trike.

Meanwhile, in the National Bookstore…

I spotted her looking at the alarm clock thingies. She didn’t see me, so I decided to surprise and scare her off. We haven’t seen each other for 1 year. The last time I saw her was last December 2012. I was expecting that she got fat but in reality, she got thinner! Whew! Way to go, H! :))

She got startled and shouted when she turned around to see me. We started laughing without any reason at all. I’m just happy to see one of my close friends again. :))

Since J was late, as usual, I told her to come with me first and help me find where the Bayad Service was located at. My dad asked me to pay the bills for the internet. When I asked the lady guard before I entered SM, she told me that it was in second floor near Cinema 1 so we didn’t really have a hard time searching for it. :))

After that, we went to choose for a movie since we weren’t really sure what to watch. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and the movie, It Takes a Man and a Woman, was showing at that time. The next round would still be at 5pm. But my mom told me that both of us are going to buy groceries in the SM supermarket. We went back to NBS to fetch J and let her decide what movie to watch.

H spotted J on the fiction books. I also sneaked in behind her back and did the same to J. :)) She cursed after that. :))

Then we went to Cinema 1 and looked for a movie to watch. GI Joe was showing at 2:50pm but it was already 2:55. The nearest one was Spiders at 3:20pm so we decided to take that even though H admitted that she hated and are scared of them; she started to have a phobia because she told us that when she was still in kindergarten, there was a huge spider inside their bathroom, then she shouted. :))) I could already imagine what she looked like.

We bought snacks and drinks inside the supermarket, and checked Booksale. J was a fan of books. I don’t consider myself a fan, on the other hand. Reading is the last option I choose among surfing the net, or watching TV, or going outside. :)) H was the same as me. :)) She told us that the only book she have read was, The Name of this Book is Secret. :))

>>> Spiders <<<

  1. Baduyon!
  2. Unrealistic
  3. Stupid characterization/ dramatization
  4. Effects were lame
  5. Not worth P130
  6. While watching, the screen suddenly turned green, and black, and it suddenly became mute
  7. Scifis aren’t my thing

Don’t ever watch this movie in the theaters! The three of us regretted after watching the movie. It was so corny at baduy! :)) We got mad at the military/ the child/ the protagonist (the dad)/ the mother/ the acting/ the lines/ the doctor. It was as if the camera men, the director, the story writer, the graphics editor were all done by an amateur. I wonder if the movie hit big. We were commenting on every line and every acting done by the actors and we were just laughing at them in order not to get pissed.

H also said that if we watched It Takes a Man and a Woman, we would be more kilig! :))

We kept on singing It Takes a Man and a Woman’s theme song when we left the theater just to insult us that we should have gone with it than Spiders. :))

J wanted badly to watch Iron Man 3 and I told her that I was available anytime since I wasn’t doing anything this summer but stay indoors and surf the net on Wed (Apr 24), while H wanted to go swimming in the beach. And I was excited as her, too! :))

I also told them that we have to get a get-together-picture. I saw Photoline and told them that it’s going to be my treat. :))

We opted for package 1- 2 photos taken, 8 printed pieces for P80.

We posed a formal one, then a wacky one.

I was going to upload them here/ in my facebook account but the scanner here wouldn’t work! What a total buzzkill. >:( :))

It took them an hour for the photos to be developed… so we roamed around the Department Store, Booksale, and NBS. I saw Murakami’s Norwegian Wood and I wanted to buy it but my cash was spare. I’ve been wanting to read that for a long time but I couldn’t find a copy of it in Manila. :(

H bought herself a new bag while we were in the Department Store. Even though she has already said no thrice, this guy at the counter kept on nagging her, begging her to avail an SM discount(?) card. I was laughing at her during that time. :))

Then we got our photos. I gave them 2 photos each. I had 4 pieces left. Then J, went home first via trike. H and I came with her until the trike station. H, afterwards, commuted via jeep. I texted them a goodbye message, and about Iron Man, and the beach. :))




I headed back to the mall, and met mom in the supermarket.

There was a free taste on Nescafe’s coffee creamer. I tried the Caramel Flavour while mom had the Vanilla flavour. I think I burnt my tongue.  I also told her about the book I saw in NBS and I asked her to buy it for me. But then on the second thought, I backed down. I still have 2 books which I haven’t finished yet. Buying that book would just resort me into book jumping. And I told her that I was just going to use my baon for it.

We were supposed to go to church after but it was already 7:20pm, so we didn’t.

We passed by aunt’s house and they talked for so long.

A cockroach went crawling inside the car. I was panicking and called for mom to shoo it away. :)) I opened the door, and I didn’t know if it got outside or what.

i saw Dad passed by Aunt’s house when he was driving Bida.

  1. Then Dinner
  2. PGT
  3. Surfed the net
  4. Blogged.



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