College · Summer Diaries

The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 02

Date: April 20, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Author’s Note: I’m back in my hometown in the province as I am writing this post. :D
Subject: My Last Day in Manila

As the subject suggests, today’s my last day in Manila.

I was supposedly going to stay indoors and play Dragon Nest and surf the net. But when it was 2pm, mom called me and told me that my sisters and I should go with her to SM Cubao. At 3pm, we got there via LRT.

We shopped for swimming clothes for each and everyone of us.

After that, we ate pizza as we walked to Gateway Mall. Mom still wanted to shop for more clothes while my sisters and I, on the other hand, wanted to go home because our feet were already tired. :))

After a couple of stores more, we headed to Chattime. Mom and my sister ordered Banana Sth., while I and my youngest sister ordered Chocolate Mousse. <3


Then we went back home at around 6-ish.

I started packing my clothes because our bus ride was 8pm.

Only Dad, Mom, and I were going back to the province.

My three other sisters are going back at May 4.

My brother wouldn’t go back because he’s going to have his review for his bar exams. O_O

We ate dinner and drank this wine, Welch(?) and I wasn’t exactly sure why…

We left the house at 20 minutes past 7 together with the whole family. Kuya dropped us off at Lane 13.

Even though I didn’t show it, but I felt somewhat lonely when I was going to leave and get separated from my siblings especially that they even teased me that I was going to cry. Hahaha. Ang cheesy!

Mom and I sat beside one another: Seats 33 & 34. While my dad sat on #11.

I slept on the bus as soon as we traveled.


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