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The Summer Diaries 2013: Log 01

Date: April 19, 2013
Author: Ria Ninomiya
Author’s Note:  Starting today, I’ll be updating my blog entries for this year’s 30 days of summer! :P :D
Subject: First Day of Summer: Hanging out in Mall of Asia. Fun-packed (yet tiring) day filled with thrilling rides sa bay area! :)) #EXTREME! :))

My friends and I have been planning to go ice skating in MOA after finals just to celebrate and have fun after a couple of tiring days of studying and all. We also deliberated on whether we should go swimming/ karaoke/ play in Timezone. We ended up choosing ice skating for unlimited time worth P300.

Unfortunately, out of 7 people I invited, only 1 of them were up for the said plan. Two of them, Jinky and Junboy, said that they didn’t want to come since they don’t know how to ice skate (KJ hahajk). Chubbits got sick today. Wu Zhe went back to China. Raccey still had an org meeting even on the last day of finals until 4 in the afternoon. While Rizza told me that she didn’t want to come with us because she might get out of place since the former people were all my coursemates. So that just leaves me and Cess.

Upon learning that only Cess was the only person who could come, I suddenly felt lazy. But I thought that today’s the last day that I’ll get to see a friend because tomorrow, I’ll be leaving Manila, and I’ll be on my way to Naga, my hometown back in the province.

I woke up at 10:30 in the morning and played DN until 11:30. While surfing the net for a little bit, I received a private message from Cess that the Department where she was to do a 4 hour-community service was closed so she told me that I should go to school early.

I also received a text on where I should meet her. She texted me that she was in Speedbytes, EGI.

“Sure,” I replied

So I immediately took a bath, and left the house at 12:45pm with Mom, Dad, Kuya, and bunso for I didn’t want to commute via tricycle. Mom gave me extra cash for she wanted me to buy some clothes for myself since it was also sale. I told her that I didn’t need to buy new clothes because it’s already summer and I didn’t have to go out that often unlike during school days. In the end she gave me. But I wasn’t really going to use it anyways. We didn’t go to MOA to shop for clothes. We went there to play games. Kuya dropped me off to Ministop. And from there, it was only a five minute walk before the Katipunan LRT Station.

During the 20-minute ride, I decided to read Chain Mail and ended at page 88…

>>> I got to the designated rendevous at 2:06pm. She was playing DN in a computer shop and told me that her level was already level 21 which was only 2 levels away from my level. Unlike before she was 6 levels behind me: Level 14 vs Level 20. Take note that I’m also using kuya’s laptop in playing at home but she catches up fast! Dang girl!

After that, we went to Ministop because I told her that I needed to buy some drinks because I was really thirsty. I ended up buying a regular-sized Chillz for P26, while she bought a jumbo one and some Kariman, I think, which served as her lunch for the day.

While drinking our “slurpee”, we then commuted via jeep to Buendia for Php8.00. Then another P8.00 via multicab to MOA. We planned on what to do first. We decided that we first play in Timezone because if we ought to do ice skating first, we would surely end up consuming all of our time skating.

We got to MOA at 3pm and first looked for an ATM machine so that Cess could withdraw some cash.

She was the one who was really familiar with the place so I just followed her all the time.

After she withdrew, we went to Timezone. Oh yeah. I brought with me my old Timezone card which was last used last October so that I didn’t need to buy another and I knew that I still had some points there to use for the day. I reloaded my card for 200 points worth only P150.


We played the usual: Guitar Freaks, Silent Hill. But I also got introduced to new games like Percussion Drummers, and some music game where you have to only tap, hold, follow the arrow on the screen. I got awed at the guy playing before us so I decided to try it. It was really easy to look at but when I tried it, it was really hard! I couldn’t match the scan nor the beat. In short, I failed the stage. I also accidentally skipped the tutorial. We also played basketball because back when I was in high school, my siblings and I went with our cousins from the father side and they all liked playing basketball, so the three of us tried and we were laughing while we try hard to shoot the ball inside the ring. After that, everytime my sisters and I go to SM, we’d make sure that we won’t leave World of Fun (WOF) if we don’t play basketball.

When we were playing almost all of the points we scored was because of me. She admitted that wasn’t good at that area.

We also played Dance Revolution, and another shooting game. I didn’t really get how to play the shooting game while in Dance Revolution, the machine broke down while we were playing.

Then, we played this another game for 5 times in totality because it was addictive. It’s a two player game in which one has to “swipe” his left/ right hand over when the red key hits the area, and below when the blue key hits the area. I’ve actually played this game in E-mall with my younger sister. And we got hooked up with the game when I was in my senior year. :))

After we have used up all of our points, mine has only P4.00 left, we checked the time and we were surprised that it was already 4pm. We were inside the gaming zone for an hour! O_O

So we left.

Then we passed by this bowling center and I suddenly had the urge to play. The last time I played was when I was only 9 years old in Rockwell with the same cousins I’ve mentioned before. I remembered “my childhood” so I told her that we play.

We entered the place and it was air-conditioned and better looking than the bowling centre of Eastwood. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find where to pay even after we’ve checked the place around. So we left. Oh, I noticed that as we roamed around, kids at ages 7-10 and their parents were playing and this is how they bonded. <3

We then went to look for another something to drink because we both got thirsty again. The weather’s all summery and hot and all. We sweated when we played.

Anyways, we went to a food court and there, I bought a cold water bottle for P20, which was charged a bit too expensive. We stayed there for a while and rested a bit. Our arms got tired eventually after playing that Percussion Drummer hahaha!

Like after that, we walked our way to the skating rink! Boy I was excited! Unfortunately! Yeah! UNFORTUNATELY, there was a competition to be held today among Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. from April 16-21 by the International Skating Union (ISU)! Bummer! My heart ached. I was that excited to learn ice skating.


After that her brother texted that he wanted her to buy him a Mcdo burger. As we were on our way, we passed by this Carousel. I missed riding a carousel and it’s only a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity for me to see a carousel in Manila malls. The last time I rode one was when I was still in 6th grade. So that means, that was 6 years ago! I told her that we should ride this Merry-go-round with the little toddlers. And from that, she suddenly had the idea that there are rides near the sea side area/ bay area.

WEEEE! HAHAHA. Both of us were really excited and we tried a lot of rides which served as the next best foregone substitute than ice skating. I alloted a budget of P300 for the rides, too. We were laughing and at the same time running while we were on our way to this ride she kept talking about.

I’m not really the extreme-go-for-it type of gal, and aforementioned, I only prefer the mellow, less thrilling rides like riding a carousel… and like that.

Like when I was in 6th grade, I had my first experience in riding a roller coaster in HongKong Disneyland. It was Space Mountain in TomorrowLand. I got “traumatized” after that and I decided that I won’t ever ride another roller coaster in my entire life! My favorite ride there back then was Winnie the Pooh. We rode it for three times. But admittedly, I even got scared when we entered Owl’s Lair when the place suddenly got dark. We also ride the carousel twice, and the teacup twirling twice. Those are my type of rides. My extremity level is that low. :))

Anyways, she first let me tried out the Crazy Dance Ride. We were the only persons who rode it. It was twirling and spinning and flying up and down at such speed and force that my hair kept on hitting my face, and my bag kept sliding outwards even though I slipped it through my arms. I was really screaming!!! And tears were starting to pour down my eyes and I couldn’t hold them back. I was trying my best not to keep my eyes open because I got even more dizzy. So I kept my eyes shut most of the time.

“CESS, AYAW KO NA! MAMAAAA! WAAAH!” I was crying my heart out as I called her name. I took a look at her and she was only laughing like crazy!!! At the back of my mind, I wanted the ride to be over already. HAHAHA. I am lame. I also kept thinking that the machine might probably broke down and we were going to have an accident and die. I am super lame. :))

I didn’t mind the people who was passing by when I was screaming. Bahala na sila! :))

The ride took longer than we both expected and it eventually slowed down and stopped. Whew! Thank goodness it was over. :))

As soon as we got off, both of us felt dizzy! We took a rest first on the bay and laid down. The scene was fantastic and breath taking. I didn’t knew what time it was and how long we rested but I got captivated by the setting of the sun. The sky was painted orange with hints of pink as the ocean made ripples and danced and made crashing sound over the boulders. It was really relaxing that from looking at it, it almost lulled me to sleep. I couldn’t let this scene just pass before my very eyes so I decided to take a picture of it. It was the only scene that I captured using my phone.




It really was true. That the perfect place to watch the sun set is in Manila Bay. *O*

My recent phone doesn’t really have a good quality camera, and Cess’s too so we didn’t took pictures. I forgot to charge our digicam, while she forgot to bring hers. Ohwell!

After we recovered from our slight dizziness, we walked our way to this next stop, Pirate. But on the way, we passed by this Wowowheels Scooter Ride. I wanted to try it after seeing a lot of people riding them. So we tried them on. It was worth P80 for a ride of 8 minutes. Sadly, the ride only covers this small circular area, and we were prohibited from going any further. Huhu. I thought and imagined that the two of us were going to race one another from the farthest point of the bay area until the opposite corner. Haha.


there's also a free picture! :))
there’s also a free picture! :))

The instructor taught us where the accelerator and the break was. When I first pulled the accelerator, I got startled when it suddenly moved forward. Then I got the hand of it, and I started circling the area using the scooter. While my friend on the other hand, hahaha got herself and the scooter plummeting on some whole on the ground. An instructor assisted her in pulling out the scooter. The look on her face was a winner and it was all like: OnO.

Oh, I chose a blue scooter while hers was red. I wanted the flashy turquoise one but the instructor offered us only the red and blue one. :<

After that we went straight ahead to the Pirate ship ride. She forced me that we should sit on the farthest edge since that was where the thrill was, when I opted to sit on the middle because, because… I just don’t like it. But in the end, I heeded because I realized that sitting in the middle would be too boring. HA! Luckily, the farthest seat was wet with water, so we sat on the next farthest seat. *Yahoo! Let us rejoice!*

While she was all, “AWWW! Gusto ko sa dulo!” Nyahaha! >:B

When the “ship” was swaying like a pendulum, it was not that fast, nor scary, but it started accelerating, and the machine started increasing its swinging motion! HUHUHU! THIS IS IT! GOODBYE WORLD!

My feels! I was having an adrelanine rush! It was a set of roller coaster of emotions. I was laughing, and crying at the same time. It was exciting and thrilling and scary and I wanted it to be over soon.

Once the machine was swinging and rocking back and forth at its maximum, and while we were momentarily afloat, it felt as if I was reallly going to fall. I couldn’t let my hands off of the steel bar. I held on to it as if it was the only thing that’ll give me a chance not to fall vertically and die. My friend was only laughing and screaming. Like what was wrong with her? >.>

I’d die out of scaredness while she was just laughing like cray.

She also let me stop holding on the steel bar everytime we get to the highest point, and we were about to fall. I tried it twice, thrice maybe? But as soon as I get off the handle bar, and extend my hands out, I’d eventually and immediately take a hold of it. :(( What a coward I was. I knew that.

I also felt motion sickness and got dizzy again. I was about to throw up the water I drank but nothing came out. Huhuhu! It was a death-terrifying experience!

When the ride was about to end, and the machine was slowing down, only then did I manage to extend and reach my hands out. It was already dark and nighttime. The sun had set. But I didn’t really know what time it was. :))

When we got off, my knees couldn’t stop shaking. Hahaha! I am super duper lame.

Both of us got dizzy, and we rested on the bay again. The moon was already up but I saw no stars. The ferris wheel lighted up, and there was also this ship going back and forth with a couple of teenagers partying out, and screaming, and taking pictures. The ship also looked as if it was drunk.

I wanted to try that out, too. Haha. Someday… LOL. :))

After resting, I wanted to eat a Tender Juicy Hotdog when we passed by the stall when before we went to Pirate.

Time flew fast and I wanted to do and ride some more like zipline and bungee fun. This time, she was the one who’s afraid to try bungee jumping and zipline. I’ve had my hand in ziplining but I, too, haven’t experienced bungee jumping. My brother already experienced it so I wanted, too. We saw two people who tried out superman while they were ziplining. They were really funny to look at because they were spinning when it wasn’t supposed to. And also, there was this kid trying out the bungee fun. All eyes was on him, and he was in a poker face mode. I bet he was too scared to even shout like what happened to me, when I tried ziplining. I was imagining a lot of horrible things that might happen to me, that I couldn’t shout. :))

But itt was already 7:30 in the evening, so we shrugged that thought off. After I bought a hotdog on a stick for P26, we went inside the mall again. We passed by Fully Book and window shopped for books/ manga/ anime related/ and some voodoo dolls. Right after that, we passed by Toy Kingdom.

We reminisced our childhood days; I miss being a kid. Before, I could just play and play and have fun all the time. Now I get stressed with academic works. We inquired about how much the price of a coloured version of Tamagotchi would be. It was P3,000. I didn’t know how to react to that for I didn’t have a base price for the old version of Tamagotchi… :)) But my friend said that it was rather expensive. I didn’t have a clue if P3000 was really expensive for a Tamagotchi. :))

We roamed around the place and as we were on the toys perfect for Summer, I remember my younger siblings and I playing with our water gun every weekend on our garden. And we would wash ourselves after. Since there were only 2 waterguns, my youngest sister, used a hose instead.



So I bought one for P70. I don’t really spend much on miscellaneous things. I only spend most of my baon in food and playing DN. But I ended up buying one. :P But I felt somewhat regretful right after I purchased it.

After that, the last stop was Mcdo since Cess still needed to buy her brothers burgers. After that we went to the van station and left MOA at 8 in the evening. I rode a multicab while she rode a van since we were going on opposite route. She was on her way to the south of Metro Manila, while I was headed to the North. I paid P8 for the fair.


I got off to ride the LRT1 Gil Puyat Station. My feet were dead tired. Then got off at Doroteo Jose Station. Then from there, I went to the extension of LRT2. From Recto to Katipunan Station.

I rode a trike for P17.

When I got home, huhuhuhu! I learned that my family wasn’t at home. It was lonely to be alone inside the apartment so I called my sister where they were. They were in Trinoma. I asked her to buy me dinner instead. I just texted my youngest sister to buy me whatever she ate at Sumo Slam.

I played with our dog, Tuffles, and also played DN once more! I must maintain the 6-level gap between me and my friend! >:D


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